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Let's discuss the new rings.

Did you get your's
Did you not get your's
Are you butthurt
Do you like them
Do you hate them

If you have no idea what I'm talking about check the Announcement.

I feel this is just adding insult to injury, and I love it. Your thoughts?

Integrity Ring

User ImageHonesty isn't always it's own reward. Your integrity has been recognized!

Accuracy -> 30
Dodge -> 30
Willpower -> 30
Weight -> 35
Luck -> 8
HP Regeneration ->8

Stamina Regeneration -> 0.8 (Standing), 3.2 (Sitting)

Abuse Ring/Kamilia's Curse

User ImageYou didn't think your questionable behavior would go unnoticed, did you?

Accuracy -> -20
Dodge -> -20
Willpower -> -30
Weight -> -25
Luck -> -5
HP Regeneration ->-50

Stamina Regeneration -> -5 (Standing), -12? (Sitting)
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i was wondering the same thing
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Don't see anything in my inventory.

I'm actually kind of amused. I'm hoping they're not soulbound so I can enjoy both.
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I hope I get integrity, I abused no glitches to receive any rings I have that are higher then cl 10 :C
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My question is are they going to do anything?
Don't see anything in my inventory.

I'm actually kind of amused. I'm hoping they're not soulbound so I can enjoy both.

If that's the case, those that get integrity should also get abuse. Or abuse will still be rarer, and potentially worth more.
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To be fair, if they don't exist its fine by me.

Like what I said to Red just before, "Though, to be honeset, if you are going to get worked up about this, then probably deserve the pain."
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My question is are they going to do anything?

My guess would be one is a passive buff and the other is a passive debuff.
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I'll probably get the abuse ring but I see nada so far.
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♥ ♥

I think it's an incredibly childish thing to do.
And abuse better have a friggin awesome animation. emotion_kirakira
Oh wait, they're both probably another s**t passive ring.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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LOL, i don't even bother.... understanding....
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Additional to my other post, do you really think they had time to make a ring? Or two for that matter. Look at how long it took to get the ones for the holiday events done. neutral
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Oh good, no one got theirs yet. I just deleted a bunch of extra rings I got from VG farming and I was worried I might've accidentally deleted it. D:
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Seems somewhat unfair to the person who first accidentally discovered the fact that 20.6 monsters drop 18.x rings. (I'm banking on the fact that the discovery was accidental because most players don't think "Oh hey this monster's 20.6, which means I can get an 18.x ring from it.... let's go kill it!" )

Anyway, I'm amused too. But I do wonder whether people who got and salvaged all of their 18.x rings *cough*myself*cough* will get an abuse ring or an integrity ring.
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That's the kind of crazy stuff I like about Gaia yum_puddi

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