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Would you like to see Integrity made available again?

Yes! 1 100.0% [ 61 ]
Total Votes:[ 61 ]
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Maybe they'll release it in the Easter Event? emotion_awesome
But I would hope they would at least sell it in the gcash or something.:c I want moar.ono
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Biased poll is biased.
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The 2009 anniversary sashes were soulbound items that had to be claimed at the time of the event and will never be rereleased. : I missed out from being on hiatus.

That said not having those sashes doesnt impact me much when Im changing my avatar, however integrity is a great ring and not having it in certain situations could potentially impact players. Tanking kam comes to mind.

Swarf has already said that integrity will never be sold ingame. Which I support since being able to buy integrity is an oxymoron.

I think it sould be released as a quest reward from Alastors chain. Both integrity and abuse should be part of the choice when you choose a ring. It should be CL 12 just like how the EB completion grants you CL 10 rings.

Im happy to raise this at the next ATA if theres enough support.
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Exploiting site glitches is against ToS, but if you ask me it's kind of their fault for not maintaining their site properly .


II HazelSkye II

B) There is a big difference between a novelty item for showing off that you took part in the event.. and actual game changing items, like integrity. :p Things like Kamila not being able to sleep you, and the fact that it's a decent ring in almost any build make it far too powerful to just be an "event item".. Newer players DO have a considerable handicap for starting later. xp


making these handicaps only causes further tensions when crewing. "oh i won't crew with you you dont have integrity" that sort of thing.
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I hate how I got the abuse ring. I did not know that ring farming was agaisnt TOS. there was no warning at all in the announcements that I saw. I think they should put a ring like Integrity in the cash shop, not the exact intergrity ring.

Of course. Exploiting a glitch. You can't exactly annouce "STOP EXPLOITING THE GOD-DAMNED GLITCH!!!1!" can you?

On another note, remember me? blaugh

No i dont. Sorry.
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biased poll is biased.
ryry Kenny_McCormick ryry
biased poll is biased.

ryry Kenny_McCormick ryry
biased poll is biased.

Because polls matter, amirite? emotion_dealwithit
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II HazelSkye II
It does make sense actually... Any soulbound event items released before you were around aren't available to you. Not just integrity. It was given to members who kept their accounts honest, and didn't cheat when they had the opportunity. Just as if you weren't around for any other event, you miss out on the items or acheivement opportunities from that event.

Yeah, it does make sense I know. Like any event these things don't normally come around again, which is probably why this won't happen unfortunately.

But then, site glitches are considered events, and those that exploit them too are given a reward?
It was a good reward, for a good cause if you were an honest player, but some users didn't even know they were doing wrong from what I heard.

And I don't see the point in re-releasing Integrity's counterpart, Abuse, if that's the ring that nobody would want. That too was an event ring...

Before joining ANYTHING its obvious you should read the rules first,its the users fault for exploiting a glitch and those that played the "I didn't know " card should familiarize themselves with the rules before playing something long enough until they get to the end of the game and exploit a glitch over..and over...and over.

It's not gaias fault a user exploited a glitch and its not their fault the user failed to read the terms of service.
The glitch exploiters should feel lucky they didn't get banned because they could have been due to violating the terms of service.

It's like saying you want to sue people because a person shot himself in the foot only because they didn't read the instructions that came with the gun or the many warnings that state they are dangerous objects,its freaking universal.

If a glitch happens the staff gets to it when they can,they are running a site after all.
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User ImageLove, Gimme love, gimme love, I don't need it...User Image

❥✖[I don't think It should be re-released. If it's re-released then what it's original release meant is lost. Sorry.]❥✖

User ImageBut I'll take what I want from your Heart and I'll keep it..User Image
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Ell! Where is the NO opinion in your pool?

On the other note I don't think itshould be re-released, like all of the event items it should stay in the past!
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It should stay as is. Unless you have to go through hours of game play.
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IKR! FTS! Just because i joined late! fuuu! if you told me ealier! i agree with you! i would even use gold or gcash to buy it!
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My posts have been major contributing factors to getting: (1) the gold cap raised to 50K from 30K; (2) getting the green box glitch fixed; (3) bundled powerups in order to obtain donator status with the click of a button. I'd say that's pretty dedicated to zOMG, wouldn't you?

But I'm still an abuser for making a sport of killing CL20 Lorelai and not salvaging those two rings while people who farmed and salvaged got Integrity/people who got over-level drops from KJ spawns were given a pass.

Yeah uh... where's my Integrity ring, swarf?

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