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Gaia online is full of very talented people, most of they people are very passionate about zomg.
I mean have you seen the art on the loading screens, they are awesome huh?
It was gaians passionate about zomg that drew them all! 3nodding

Do you remember how the airshark in barton town came about?
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It was the devs and us users playing pranks here in the zif that created that airshark idea.
The devs have spent years and years of free time making us the things we want, it would be nice to give something back imo.

We all want new rings and pets, as well as other things. The trouble is they don't have any flash animators.
The flash animations on zomg are easy enough to make it just takes people with time and some of the needed skills to create them.
It should even be possible to redesign existing monsters, pets even rings. giving them new sprites and sounds.

Wouldn't you just love to see pirate fluffs roaming around BB?
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Rehashing existing things could be a way to help continue making items fast, that could gain more revenue from zomg.
The possibilities are endless what this community could do if we work together.

I was going to apply to be a flash animator for zOMG a while back when they were looking for one.
But because I live in the uk it was not possible for me to enter a application due to some legal issue.
I would do it for free, to try help make new things. If it would keep users interested and continue playing zomg.

Would you help if it was possible to do so?
Or is this just a loosing battle. sweatdrop

This is what got me thinking could the zOMG community help the zOMG devs to create new content like pets and rings or even events.

Also, I really encourage everyone who is frustrated at the lack of zOMG updates to speak up about it. We had a really vocal segment of the population for a while that convinced Pan to do some updates to Fishing even though that game clearly makes less money than zOMG. Don't be a pest, but make sure that your voice is heard outside of the zOMG forums as well as here.

Believe me, JK and I already know that you guys want more zOMG content and we want love working on zOMG when we're assigned time =)

Good idea, but gaia has limited art resources, particular for animations. It takes fewer art-hours to make a RIG than a ring and a RIG makes a lot more money. So, that choice is made for us.
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Just one more reason to hate my complete and total lack of artistic ability... emo

I think it's a lovely idea, and it would be amazing if it could be made to work. Gaia is absolutely packed with talented people, and if the company were willing to accept them, I have no doubt that many would jump at the opportunity.

If there's any application for Rant Writing, count me in.
I don´t think I can do anything but play to support ZOMG.
I have liked it since day 1, even they didn´t put new things.

Until DMS, so for me is ok if they take some more time to make new things. Im having fun for a long time with the new DMS.
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honestly i'd do almost any thing, because zomg is the only thing keeping me on this site, i don't like any thing else on here any more, nothing is left here to keep my interest at an almost 21 y/o except for this mmo that i had waited and dreamed for since i joined back when i was 13 and i love zomg, i don't want to feel like my efforts to help support zomg monetarily, all went into developing some new game meant to faze out zomg. Gaia could improve zomg so easilly SO easilly raise user interest, and increase if they just gave it a little more publicity, it's that simple, why would they try to make a new game when they have a great game going with zomg already? they've never even really tried with it, we've only gotten a few updates since this game came out five years ago, gaia has only thrown a handful of efffort into this game i just...i can't any more if zomg goes away so will i and ik alot of others as well...it's all just a mess
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I have no talents but if I could help, I would help.
I'm willing to help fund zOMG with what GCash I have, and I might even spend actual money.
Dunno if you have checked this out yet, but maybe you could come and try to find some potential volunteers! Me and Hazel just thought of this idea as well. wink
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Even if I lack most kinds of resources(Money,originality,ability to draw in someone else's style);I'd help in the best way I could. If,for example,they asked us to put silly signs and run around the forums pleading to people to join the game,I'd do it(as long as it didn't break the anti spam rules).
If they asked me to stay 5 hours straight in the game,trying to ignore all glitches and everything,I'd do it.

I'm doing my best trying to bring friends to this game,but if that's not enough...I hope that we can do something to bring Gaia's greatest game back up.
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I would love to help but I can't use my wallet. I did buy the amulet,revives and some pets with hard earned Gcash though! I made a signature for zOMG! so that people see it and click it. I made a thread and petition to add the join feature which was removed to major glitches. All I can do atm is to...support it with my hard earned gcash... I'm good with my imagination but I lack the software to make it a reality...I do draw with pencil though.
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This has been brought up many times before. Gaia wont let anyone work even on a volunteer basis on the game, god forbid someone actually want to create updates and not receive compensation for it.
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I already spent a fair amount of rl cash on zOMG when I played hardcore, so I feel I've done my part tbh sweatdrop

And a few users are (or were rather) actually helping out with zOMG-development related stuff. Afaik none of them did any programming, since that would require specific schooling by a dev (which takes dev-time and kinda defeats the purpose) and access to the test servers (which are local to the Gaia HQ only), but I know that the team received some help with grunt-level-art-stuff, dialogue and other minor tasks like that. (The users in question were not compensated though afaik - neither in game/site items nor rl money... for the record: mods actually do get compensated in Gaia gold dramallama )
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We do what needs to be done.

When and where we can.
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I have no talents either... my help comes from me spending my gg in the marketplace for ZOMG. If I could figure out the GC better, I would use that as well to buy ZOMG stuff.
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My only talents are being nice and helpful.
All I can do is post here and play the game.
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❥✖[I would whore myself. No joke. If the Devil said, "Wanna sell your soul for zOMG?" I would slap my signature down and hand it over. I would be willing to do a lot. I was thinking of some type of benifit and zOMG rally, but I am also nervous about how it will turn out. I've been thinking a lot these few days and I know there must be something we can do. Perhaps if we all collaberate, we may be able to come up with something great.]❥✖

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