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It would be cool if you had a good, bad, neutral or something similar to that effect in the game.

-it would affect how rings work and the effectiveness of the power they emit. Like if your ring's power is to emit dark fire, it would be more powerful when the gaian is at 'bad' alignment or such.

-the alignment will affect the loots monsters drop.

- the alignment will be partially be affected by what other fellow gaian players emote to you.

-The alignment will also be affected on how you answer or respond to an NPC, or other animals you meet.

- A way of indicating of being in 'pure good' state, or 'pure evil' state, like when you've been good, your have some light white aura around you, while pure evil will have a reddish/blackish aura.

Any further suggestions/ ideas, as well as opinions about the alignment system would be welcome ^_^
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Fable much?
Anyways, that was a good concept then, and it'd be good now. If anything, they'd add that later.
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Thanks for mentioning alignments.

Now I yearn for Fable 2 even more.


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