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How well does it work for you guys?
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It's worth it so I'd go ahead and grab it.
It's been said that because of the set amount of gold that one can get in the Gaian hours is the same even if you have the FF ring, but I think it still worth it if you don't have a lot of time to spend on zOMG! some days. So because the luck of the ring drops loot and gold much quicker than if you did not have one then it's definitely worth the gold spent on it. Believe me, it pays off.
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Its well worth it and if you can stack the luck with other rings like fitness and integrity its even better. 4laugh
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its awesome!!..the gold just falls into your pockets!

Even if you miss you'll land among the stars...User Image
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I love it! biggrin
Well worth it!
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Everyone talks about the luck = Gold boost, but don't forget that Fortune boosts your Accuracy and Dodge, so your attacks hit harder (ie critical hits) and people don't hit you quite as often!
:3 Which is very handy.
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i dunno if i have that ring. where do you get it?
where do you get it? or you only get it from MP?
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i dunno if i have that ring. where do you get it?
where do you get it? or you only get it from MP?
It should be in the Regal Adornment bundle that you earned by killing a golden egg during the Easter event.

You did kill a golden egg during the Easter event? If not, then you can still buy one in the MP.
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When I used it, I really didn't notice any difference. People swear by it, however, it's not a ring that I'd use often.
Thanks for the info. I do have that I got from the Golden Egg, I just don't play Zomg often, I usually on do Papa Saw since I've got everything done except Dead Man's Shadow. I was just wondering cause I'm trying to get gold for an item.

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