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Kamon Keronji
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Kamon Keronji
just to be sure. can you buy it because I want to make sure it isn't soulbound and you do not really get it if bought.
If you can buy it from the MP, you can use it. That's why there are still "regular" rings there - rings that are left over from 2008, before soulbinding went into effect.

They can be sold, they can be bought, they WILL soulbind upon first equippage, and if the ring doesn't go into your inventory after buying it (scroll down your in-game inventory - they tend to migrate way the hell down there) then it's a Marketplace glitch that needs to be dealt with by the Marketplace tasked Devs.

thanks for that. but fyi I am never letting go of this ring. I didn't know it was a marketplace glitch but thanks because I will not buy another one since it is a glitch. don't want to get in trouble with the devs
You are misinterpreting my post.

IF you purchase a non-soulbound ring and IF it does not appear in your inventory (the bit about scrolling down your in-game inventory still holds true here), and IF the transaction still debited you the gold you were planning on spending, then it's a Marketplace purchase glitch.

The ring itself has nothing to do with it. There is no "glitch" that allows rings to be bought or sold illegally. Anything on the Marketplace is there as it should be.
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Does fortune's favor only work for yourself or can it passively work for people around you?
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Does fortune's favor only work for yourself or can it passively work for people around you?

Yourself only.

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