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Fighting the Good Fight: A guide for higher-level DMS play.
To help the community any way we can.

This guide will help you decide what rings to use and help you get through yellow maze all the way to beating Kamila. We hope you find this helpful in your Zomg Adventure. But first a disclaimer: There are many ways to do DMS, and many of them work for the people doing them. If your style works well for you, then why change it? Note: Voice chat makes any crew a LOT more efficient. If you can voice chat, or at least listen in on crewmembers talking you will do a lot better. We suggest Skype. It makes coordinating a crew a lot easier.

Poyudi Hytori and Omnileech wrote this guide and edited by Proletariat Porno. The tactics found within this guide were compiled as a group effort from everyone in L.U.S.T as well as members of crews for Bloodlust 2.0. Poyudi came up with the split mobbing style of farming yellow maze in this guide. Zurch inspired the vegan Bloodlust tactic.

Table of contents

1. Choosing rings
2. General Roles and Classes.
3. Beginning DMS and Farming
4. Green Maze and HPR
5. Kamila's First Form
6. Bloodlust
7. Advanced Tactics
8. Odds and Ends
9. Questions and Answers
9. Affiliates
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Under-appreciated rings

There are some rings out there that aren’t duly appreciated that we’d like to suggest using when the situation calls for them.
Passives: Many people think of passives for just luck or stamina bonuses, but take another look at their stats to see what they do at cl 12.

Fortune’s Favor
Accuracy : 48
Dodge : 48
Luck : 13

Willpower : 36
Accuracy : 36
Dodge : 36
Weight : 35
Luck : 8
HP Regen : 8
Stamina Regen : 0.8 (Standing), 3.2 (Sitting)

Fitness :
Willpower : 36
Accuracy : 24
Dodge : 24
Weight : 25
Luck : 5
HP Regen : 5
Stamina Regen : 0.5 (Standing), 2(Sitting)

Sugar Rush :
Willpower : 36
Dodge : 36
Foot Speed : 38

The accuracy and dodge added from Fitness, Fortune’s Favor, and Integrity is always useful. Any ring that adds willpower is useful in the correct situation. Wearing a Fortune’s Favor ring is roughly the equivalent of having a constant R1 Knife Sharpen and Adrenaline on enemies. The higher accuracy means more critical hits and higher dodge allows you to live longer. Fortune’s Favor is not a ring just for luck. The willpower gained from Sugar Rush, Fitness, and Integrity are all useful in bloodlust to ensure you are slept much less, if at all.
My Density give a 12% persistent armor bonus at R4 in addition to the weight boost, which makes a major difference when you’re being mobbed. Coyote Spirit is a ring some crews drop if they need an extra ringslot for one reason or another (such as a tough room). Keep in mind though the footspeed bonus helps people outrun enemies while they are kiting.
Turtle also deserves consideration. Its effect may not last long but the invulnerability provided proves handy in a pinch, such as when a heal tank is about to die. Generally I don't use turtle anymore but I think you should experiment with all the rings to find out which ones suit you.

Overrated Rings

Area of Effect rings (not slash, slash is awesome)
o Interrupts tape (If you use it at all)
o Makes it difficult to target a single enemy
o Lower DPS for single enemies
o Regenerating enemies will regen the damage dealt to them.

Long Range rings
o Lower DPS than other rings such as hack and mantis.
o Grue attacks are rare and time spent using Solar Rays is much higher than time spent recovering from Grue attacks

Scaredy Cat
o Improperly used by most crews.
o Must spend time waiting for the catted enemies to return if people spam it on enemies.
o Misses a lot.
o More efficient to kill male vampires before focusing on the rest of the enemies
All other enemies (Minus Big Dogs and Night Frightsm Counts and Kamila) are tapeable

Rings You’re Likely to Use a Lot.

o Hack: Number one in Damage Per Second (DPS)
o Mantis: Second only to Hack in DPS
o Slash or Bump: If you need a third attack and the crew leader is ok with it. Slash is #3 and Bump is #4.
o These two rings will be the most efficient ones you can use while killing enemies

o Wish: The best ring for healing your crew. Creates an AoE for healing at higher rage ranks.
o Bandage: Great for self-healing, building aggro, and getting rage. Swapping rings (moving rings around in your ring slot to drop your hp and then and self-healing with bandage) because it allows one to build rage for buffing before heading in.
o Diagnose: Good for building rage if you’re a heal tank. Not recommended unless you plan to heal tank or use the split mobbing method.

Crowd Control(CC)/Debuffs
o Duct Tape: The safest CC to use. But has fallen out of style with most players. Good for low level users in green rooms if the entire party is low level and no or a low-level tank.
o Quicksand: Not useful until you reach Green Rooms. Good for holding enemies immobile and doesn’t break when an enemy is hit like Duct Tape does. A preferred CC for heal tanks to build a lot of hate quickly and to kite enemies when needed.
o Adrenaline: Increases the chances of your crew getting critical hits and thus kill the enemies faster so it's essential for every crew.
o Knife Sharpen: Causes your enemies to hit you less than they normally would so you take less damage overall. Once you're confident you should try to wean yourself off this in favor of more attacks.
• Buffs
o Meat: The most essential buff and should be one of the first rings you level.
o Others: Because buffs swap so frequently it would be best for you to decide which ones to level first. Keen Aye, Iron Will, Rock Armor, Healing Halo, Teflon Spray, and Ghost scale when you level so it would behoove you to level them to 12 first. Some people like to level a bunch of buffs to 11 and this isn't a bad thing but you will want to have two buffs at 12 before leveling others.
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Omnipresent Warlord

General Roles/Classes.

Heal Tank:
A Heal Tank’s job is to get as many enemies possible to attack them and leave all other crew members alone. To do this a Heal Tank will use heals to build hate with every enemy in the room. Quicksand is often used in Green Rooms as a Heal Tank’s preferred CC as it can affect all enemies and allow the Tank enough time to move away and heal themselves. Because of quicksand's usefulness I like using the pirate set for Green Rooms because if gives a armor bonus that makes tanking so easy. It also gives you two attacks and a free spot (Your required rings for tanking means you have Diagnose, Bandage, Meat, Keen, Slash, Shark, Quicksand) I like putting another buff, a passive, wish, or a heal.

Crowd Controller :
The crowd controller specializes in using Duct Tape to keep damage taken at a manageable level. You’ll need to multitask when taping, because you’ll be attacking or healing to build rage to use it. Tape often as the tank’s life is in your hands. When I have the pirate set I don't use tape or CC in my crews so it's good to try to see how few CC rings you can use and get through green rooms. If you like using cat then try using it and see for yourself how you like it. The upside for cat in green rooms is you can reset enemies sometimes and keep bats off the tank for a while.

The debuffers’ jobs are to either use adrenaline or knife sharpen on an enemy. In addition to attacking the member(s) with adrenaline should use their rage on buffs and R4ing adren on enemies to mark for the rest of the crew to kill. The member with knife sharpen should r1 the enemy the one with adrenaline targets as well as R4ing tougher enemies like Night Frights, Big Dogs, Counts, and Kamila. Once you're experienced try losing knife. It's a good started ring but you can wean yourself off of it. It's not required for any part of DMS.

Back Up Healer :
Once you reach the Green Maze the Heal Tank will need someone else to help keep them alive Since crowd control goes really well with healing (you get more rage than you know what to do with) the backup healer should have bandage and wish. I like giving my Backup healer sweetheart if they have it. While their focus should be healing, they should have attacks as well.

Buffer :
If Sweetheart is used in crew and the tank has one global buff then someone at least should have 3 buffs to insure full buffs. Buffers are important for attacking and to be vigilant not to let buffs fall.

You should try to pick the role you’re best at and focus on that, but don’t be afraid to practice others as well. As for deciding what buff to level? Try to make sure the crew has scaling buffs leveled to better your chances of survival.
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Starting DMS

Recommended CL : 10.0+

Yellow Maze

If you have a tank then attack the aggroed enemy furthest from the tank. Don't kneel near the tank or another person. The tank should focus on healing themselves and raging wish on the crew for aggro and to keep them alive if they get hurt.

Armor Buffs (Rock Armor, Improbability Sphere, Teflon, Potlid) can be spammed at R1 to build rage. If you R4 and then R1 itthe buff is still at R4 despite your crew panel saying it’s R1. So you may keep spamming them for rage if your crew is okay with that. Rock is currently broken. Once you use it above R1 you can’t spam it for rage anymore.

Big Dogs are immune to all forms of crowd control so they should be a priority. If a Big Dog attacks you then everyone needs to tape everything else. The Big Dog has a root effect that will leave you immobile, but able to attack. As long as your crew heals you should be fine. It's easier if you kill the Big Dog last in most rooms.
There are two ways to take down a Night Fright: tanking and mobbing. Tanking is taking advantage of the fact the Fright will (almost) always go after the person with the most aggro and ignore everyone else. So, if someone spends the entire fight building aggro by healing, as heal tanks tend to do, then the Fright shouldn’t even move if that healer stays far enough away. If by chance you do get close enough to the Fright to wake it up then kiting(Moving so the enemy is unable to attack) it around the room is possible. If you put enough distance between the two of you then it will sit still and eventually go back to where it was when you enter the room. Adren and attacks should be ued at r4. If you want some insurance for the tank then keep an enemy alive to attack the tank, such as a Vampire or Werewolf so that the Tank can consistently heal themselves while the crew kills the Fright. If you have a knife in crew make sure that's at r4 too to help in case the NF aggroes on someone.
Mobbing is when people bum rush the Fright while people heal the crew. This works for higher level people and shouldn’t be attempted by low levels. R4 adren and r4 knife if you have it. People with heal rings should focus on healing.

"Speed" Mob Farming

Recommended CL : 11.4 (Suppress Down to this if above.)

Non-tank farming or "Speed" as some call it. It's called speed because it is an adaptation of speed smob shallow seas farming for DMS.

There isn't much of a difference in speed of a farming run whether you have a tank or have people carry wish instead. Each have their pros and cons.

Pros of "speed" farming
* Attacks spread across 6 people instead of 5.
* Able to take on Night Frights more easily because of the additional healing rings and the fact they are split up.
* It doesn't rely on one very skilled person. Tanking requires skill that some lack and it may be easier to go with a less organized run if no one in crew can tank well.

Cons of "speed farming"
* Doesn't work well at all if everyone isn't 11+
* There can be a free loader problem. The fact that everyone doesn't need to heal all the time means that some people don't heal nearly enough or at all and since if people carry wish they can't heal themselves then it can cause crews to fail and wipe.
* Aggro is sometimes on the strongest attacker and if they don't have meat it can mean they die before they get healed.
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The Green Maze
Recommended CL : 11.6 or Above.

The Rules in Green Maze are far different than those in Yellow Maze. The kill order is mostly the same, except Now you need to take into account bats. If you don’t carry Cat then kill males first, then bats. If you do carry Cat then kill bats first.

Heal Tank:

There are two differences between Yellow Maze Tanking and Green Maze Tanking: The Tank will need to have Superchargers (just in case) and crowd control becomes essential. A tank should be the first to enter every room and use Quicksand or Duct Tape of enemies before moving to a spot away from the rest of the crew so they do not get hit by the AoE attacks of Werewolves and Vampires while the rest of the crew uses CC to keep enemies in place and away from the Tank. Kiting may be required in some rooms, especially if they have more than one pocket of Blood Bats Turtle can be used for a few seconds of invulnerability upon re-entering a room after wiping or as a failsafe to avoid dieing. The advantage to carrying Duct Tape is being able to sit still more while enemies attack, while quicksand helps for tougher rooms where Kiting is required. Wish helps keep people alive, and a well positioned raged diagnose heal can also heal your crew if they take damage.

To Kite or not to Kite?

Sometimes when you enter a large room all the enemies may not aggro on you at once, so the decision whether to kite or not falls to you. Generally speaking, you should only kite a room if you can't remain in the same spot without dying and that's what crowd control is so important! If you only get attacked by two packs of blood bats (8 bats), then why move? Two or three people taping should be survivable. Don't move if you don't have to, because moving makes it harder for the attackers to kill anything.

Backup Healer:
The tank is going to take a lot of damage so it’s important to have someone focus on bandaging and wishing to keep the tank alive.

Crowd Controller:
The Crowd Controller must tape everything they can or else the tank will die. Everyone with tape needs to coordinate so that you don’t R4 tape at the same time. The more people tape, the less the tank has to kite. The less the tank has to move, the easier it is to kill enemies and clear rooms.

Damage Controller:
Adren to mark what you’re attacking, and kill it. R4 Adren as you can to speed things up even more.

Tanks can use the benefit of a third passive, so they can’t carry a buff in order to do that. Someone has to have three buffs in that case.

Having three tapes can be useful, as can be Knife Sharpen. Blood bats are by far the most dangerous enemies in Green Rooms. They appear in pockets of four bats, attack quickly and deal lots of damage. Ideally they or males vampires will be your first targets (depending on the choice of CC chosen). Big Dogs and Night Frights don’t propose as much of a threat as they did in Yellow Rooms, but they can still be a problem with other enemies around. Since CCs do not work on either one at all, it is best to try and focus on either taking them out first, or kiting until they and/or other enemies are gone. If you feel like you’re having too much trouble with the room at hand using your current ringsets don’t be afraid to adapt and change.

100% Room (HPR)

Named for the fact that everything is at 100% Size in this room. (The Blood Bats look so cute!) There are 3 Screens, a total of 18 Blood Bats, and 3 counts. But don’t worry. HPR is actually much easier then Green Rooms. Green Room Blood Bats are at 12.5, HPR Blood Bats are 12.0. You don’t even need Crowd Control.
The First Screen has Blood Bats. Kill them. Someone needs to go to screen two and lure the bats back to screen one, the Count will not follow. Once the bats are dead you can move to screen two and kill the Count there. If your HP drops too low just run back to first screen to rest up while your crewmates continue the battle. The Tank and Backup healer will heal everyone, since the Count doesn’t usually aggro on one person and has a large AoE attack. Once the first Count is dead everyone goes back to the first screen and someone lures bats from the third screen to the first. Next lure one Count to the second screen, the other one will not follow. When the second Count is dead, you go to the 3rd screen and kill the Count the same way. Congrats, you’ve met Kamila and now need to kill 100 things in DMS to become fully attuned if you aren’t already.
Quicksand and Cat are unneeded for the first form, so if anyone has that on they should change it for another ring once you clear HPR.
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The Crypt.
Recommended CL : 11.7 or Above.

Note: This can be done without amps or superchargers for most of the crew, but they do help speed things along. The Tank should use amps when they’re being attacked by Kamila or being mobbed by a lot of enemies.
Rebuff and get ready in the top left screen. There are four screens, and four rounds to this battle. When you’re ready have everyone go to the bottom left screen. One person will engage the conversation between Kamila and Alistor and then leave to the top left screen. If Kamila follows, let her kill you to reset her then revive and join the people at the bottom left and rebuff. Enemies will start coming from Kamila’s screen and since you’re luring diagonally only about half of them will come preventing you from being overwhelmed. Once the enemies stop coming on their own you can lure by going onto Kamila’s screen, but be careful not to aggro Kamila. Enter the screens from the places furthest form where Kamila is standing. Once the enemies are dead you can get to work on killing coffins.
It’s possible to “Ninja” all but three coffins in this whole battle. Red X’s mean you cannot Ninja that Coffin with Melee Attacks. Blue Dots are where you stand/enter screen. Blue Lines are the paths you walk in order to reach a Blue Dot that isn’t right at the edge of the screen.
User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

If you Aggro Kamila, or after you are done with Coffins the Heal Tank should take aggro by being the first in Kamila’s Line of sight (Or by healing the person being attacked.) The heal tank should to be able to hold aggro by R4 healing themselves and using an amp while the backup healer can heal as needed and the person with KS can use it on Kamila to keep the damage dealt to the tank at manageable levels. Think of Kamila’s attack on the Tank as a Heavy-Water-Balloon-like effect causing splash damage to anyone near the Tank. The Tank needs to position themselves so that they can be as far away from Kamila as possible without her moving to chase (she positions herself just like a vamp enemy.) After she takes enough damage she’ll move to a new screen and you’ll want to position yourself on the screen diagonal from hers and start the process over again. During the last round Kamila seems to hit harder so the crew will probably want to use amps for it.

User Image

Kamila’s first form drops:
Mint Sundae Sweets Formula
Epic Recipe: Kamila’s Vamp Top
Epic Recipe: Kamila’s Belt
Epic Recipe: Kamila’s Vamp Jacket
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Omnipresent Warlord

Recommended CL : 12.0

You may need to change rings before jumping in. Have one person in Green Maze, one in HPR, and one in the Crypt to avoid or lessen the impact of the glitch that resets everything. Make sure you don’t disconnect while you’re waiting for the rest of the crew. Have three people switch out their rings, then have them take their places to hold the instance and let the other three switch.Everyone has a different way of tanking Bloodlust so there are numerous ring choices that will prove successful. For example, many people prefer to Tank with Wish to get more aggro by healing others and regain it more easily if it has been lost. Suggested rings:

Heal Tank:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show..
Note: If you don’t have Sweetheart then a ring to gain aggro such as Adrenaline.
Backup Healer:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Two buffs.
Note: If the Tank doesn’t own SH then it’s not a bad idea to assign it to the Backup Healer.
Primary Knifer:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., Two Buffs.
Secondary Knifer:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., Two Buffs.
Taper (CCer):
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Three Buffs.
Damage Controller:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., Two Buffs.

Everyone needs to coordinate to be able to win this and can be done in under 2 hours if nobody wipes. Every wipe can add 40 minutes to an hour to the run time. When Kamila’s in the corner she doesn’t build hate towards anyone. Everyone needs all buffs R4 (including meat!) except for sweetheart (only heal tank needs it R4 at the beginning). When the group is ready the Tank needs amp up and then position themselves to attract Kamila’s attention, get hit, and then heal themselves to gain the aggro at the beginning. The backup healer should heal them (At about 1800 or less HP), but not use an amp initially so that they don’t steal aggro. Knifers should knife R1-R2 once Kamila smacks the Tank a few times to keep the damage at a manageable level. The goal is to give the tank some margin for error if anything goes wrong. The Tank should build aggro for 2-3 minutes before people attack (no amps or adrenaline) while rebuffing. The backup healer should amp if the Tank is having trouble staying above 1500 HP or so. The Secondary Knifer has two heals and should use them if the Backup Healer can’t keep the Tank’s health high enough.

User Image

After the crew rebuffs from attacking Kamila it’s time to have everyone amp up and start using adren after asking what level adren the Tank wants. Knifers should coordinate to take turns using raged knife and the Tank should be the one determining what level knife they want on Kam at any given time, if they even want it at all during the beginning. If Kamila turns around to attack someone besides the Tank it means one of two things have happened: someone stole aggro or the tank was slept by Kamila. If the Tank is slept don’t panic, the Tank still has aggro and will have Kamila back in a moment. If someone stole aggro then people need to run away from the group to see who stole Kamila’s aggro. They can either suicide to reset their aggro to 0 and then rebuff, or not attack for a minute or so. Suicide is easier for a faster run, but it does require the use of Revives and for everyone to rebuff immediately after the person revives. More than likely everyone will overtake aggro from the Tank at least once in the run; so be prepared for that. The person reviving should also be sure to revive in a safe spot so they don’t get killed again.

Bats come in 7-8 waves and the waves can consist of 6, 8, 10, or 12 bats. They come when Kamila drops to the following HP for the first time. 113k, 99.5k, 85k, 71.5k, 56k, 42.5k, 28K, 14.5K. Shortly before the bats come the backup healer should start overhealing the tank (healing whenever they take damage instead of waiting for their HP to drop a certain amount before healing) so that the Tank can keep a full rage bar. When the bats appear the following should happen for a smooth wave. The Blood Bats come from the right side of the screen so the Tank should try to position Kamila so that the Tank is standing on the left side of the screen and to the left of her.

1. Knifer without tape R4 knifes.
2. Backup healer quicksands. The healer needs to be in position to heal the Tank, so you need to stand where you are and try to quicksand the bats when the bats cross over the attackers on their way to the Tank. If you wait too long it's ok, because quicksand's aggro should pull the bats away from the Tank and towards the Backup Healer.
3. A taper (preferably the Buffer) R4 tapes.
4. Tank uses turtle at R4 when their HP drops below 1700. Uses a charger instead of healing themselves to get their HP back up. try to use chargers as much as possible before healing (As to avoid aggroing the bats)
5. The crew attacks the bats adrening, R4 attacks, and using chargers for stamina and health to kill the bats as quickly as possible. If the bats swarm the Tank then chances are the Tank will die
6. Tapers use their rage for tape and backup healer quicksanding whenever they can.
7. Tank begins healing themselves when turtle wears off. As well as using bandage on backup healer. Others heal backup healer when they take damage since the bats will likely target them. Backup healers MUST use superchargers when their HP drops
8. Knifers reapply r4 knife on Kamila when it wears off.
If everything goes smoothly the bats won’t reach the Tank and they’ll die quickly. Kamila will regain about 11k HP on average.

The last Wave may or may not come, but can appear anywhere between 10k HP to 15k HP. It’s easier to pull of a bat wave if the Tank is on the left side of the screen since the bats come from the right. Try not to wipe on bats as it’s harder to recover from. Each Wave of BBs you kill weakens Kamila. Think of them as her Armor, the more you kill, the less protection she has, the more damage you do to her, the faster her health seems to drop. She also seems to do more damage as more waves pass. After you’re done with the last wave Kamila goes into berserk mode doing as much as 1800 damage a hit at times. Everyone needs to heal the tank more and it’s not a bad idea to go all out on raging attacks, spamming charges, knifing and Adrening R4 to kill her as soon as possible.

The way to make a bloodlust run successful is to keep the Tank alive at all costs. You can’t let buffs drop, you can’t leech, take frequent breaks, go AFK, or derp. Should the Tank die you’ll likely wipe unless the backup healer can kite or position themselves as a tank would long enough for the tank to revive and get full buffs. Now if you all wipe. If there are no bats there, go as far left as you can, and revive there, then rebuff. Depending on how many waves you’ve killed, you’ll need to give the Tank more time to build Aggro. If there are bats there, then have three people awaken and go to the Crypt, 100%, Green Rooms, then have the other three awaken, rebuff, R4 Tape as soon as you load in, and try to take out the BBs without aggroing Kamila. Staying close to the crystal you have to click seems to help avoid aggro. The more waves of BBs you kill, the harder it becomes to recover because Kamila is hitting the Tank harder, and you’re asking them to survive longer while taking more damage.
It’ll likely take you a few tries before you have it down, you may even try practicing on her First Form to get the timing of everything down. But once you learn how to do it, it’s very easy to do again, and again, and again with a competent crew.

Bloodlust drops:
Blood Scarf
Blood Magic
Blood Sword
Abuse ring
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Omnipresent Warlord

Advanced tactics

Decreasing the margin of error for faster kill times.

The more experienced the crew is with killing Bloodlust, the less healing rings you’ll need. A proficient crew can make do with the Backup Healer and Primary Knifer using Bandage and Wish along with possibly someone else using Wish. Replacing the healing rings with passives or additional attacks will help speed the run along.

For Bloodlust we’ve found that some experienced players can speed up a run by dropping meat for another attack or passive or as we call it, going Vegan. We’ve dropped meat with everyone aside the Tank and Backup Healer and replace them with attack rings. Slash is a good ring to use due to it being the third highest in DPS.

You can also further increase the damage the group does by giving one damage-dealer the space-trooper set (Guns, Guns, Guns, My Density, Improbability Sphere, Duct Tape). The rest of the rings are up to you, but we have found that the Space Trooper set works really well with a vegan Secondary Knifer or Taper role outlined in the above Bloodlust section. The reason this set works so well is because with cl 12 rings it gives 82 accuracy (some set bonuses appear to scale with level?) and when you combine the 82 accuracy with a FF ring you get an obscene amount of accuracy and see a significant increase in critical hits. Of course you'll want to do most of your attacks with Hack and Mantis still. Outside of the set, however, Guns Guns Guns doesn't have much use due to its mediocre DPS.

The Ninja set (Mantis, Shuriken, Ghost, Divinity) gives a 42 accuracy bonus in addition to a dodge bonus, so that could easily be used with a buffer set with the third buff being a raging armor buff. Like Guns, Guns, Guns the shuriken ring has a mediocre DPS as well.

Quicksanding is not the only reliable way to obtain and hold Blood Bat aggro. If a Backup healer were to drop Quicksand for Fire Rain and get Diagnose in addition to Bandage and Wish then a Backup healer can keep Bat aggro by spamming Fire Rain and healing themselves with diagnose. The rest of the crew can attack with raged slash and do whatever it takes to kill bat waves more easily. The downside of this method is that while you can handle 6 bats at a time without any tape at all, a 12 bat wave will overwhelm the backup healer even with others healing them and so they will have to kite bats around or die.

Summing it all up for a faster run time.

- No tapes in crew
- No knifes in crew
- Only Tank and Backup healer have meat
- All attackers have hack, mantis, slash
- Backup Healer has fire rain and diagnose
- Tank has an attack ring

Tanking with an attack ring

There's room for a tank to carry an attack and help with aggro building and putting damage on Kamila. Either dropping a buff like SH or turtle will give the Tank one spot to hold an attack ring if they so choose and use it to do some damage to Kamila and keep more aggro. Shuriken has the best DPS for any ranged ring and an accuracy debuff so it’s a popular choice. Hot Foot and Heavy Water Balloon are popular too
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Odds and ends.

There are a few ways to glitch an instance we’re aware of and here’s some information on how to avoid them. It’s been theorized that leaving, disconnecting, and kicking people in crews can cause the ghi or moving glitch at Bloodlust. In many crews if people want to go to the null chamber they’ll either leave crew or get kicked; the more you do this the more likely you will get yourself a glitch. The Ghi glitch is when the ghi drops continuously during Bloodlust. The moving glitch is when Kamila will constantly move on top of the person who has aggro. The best way to have people leave crew or null is just dieing and awakening in the null and then leaving.
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Questions and Answers:

Ask your questions and we'll answer them.
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And we're open! Working on revisions should they be needed.
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This is awesome. heart 3nodding

Knifer without tape R4 knife- on Kamila, right?

What area of the screen should you quicksand the bats, does it matter?
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This is awesome. heart 3nodding

Knifer without tape R4 knife- on Kamila, right?

What area of the screen should you quicksand the bats, does it matter?

I edited the guide to clarify. I prefer the knifer without tape to R4 knife first because the knifer with tape should be using their rage to keep the bats under tape in concert with the other tapers. Knifer lasts 45 seconds at r4 and that is plenty of time to get enough rage to reapply it once it falls.
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