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Favorite area of zomg?

Village greens 0.08955223880597 9.0% [ 6 ]
Bills ranch 0.029850746268657 3.0% [ 2 ]
Zen gardens 0.23880597014925 23.9% [ 16 ]
Bass'ken lake 0.08955223880597 9.0% [ 6 ]
Old Aqueduct 0.059701492537313 6.0% [ 4 ]
Gold Beach 0.1044776119403 10.4% [ 7 ]
Otami Ruins 0.16417910447761 16.4% [ 11 ]
Dead Mans Shadow 0.22388059701493 22.4% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 67 ]
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ChelleasaurusRexx's avatar

Invisible Loiterer

>> Honestly? The waterworks...
Easy farming. Good gold. ^ ^;;
Nice place to be if you wanna be alone.
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Friendly Gaian

User Imageยป I love Zen Gardens. It's so lovely to look at. ^_^
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Zen Gardens, because that's where I showed my mom how to play zomg. She thinks it's pretty.
Zen Gardens, where I spend most of my time. XD
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if farming GB ...... if just hanging out with friends the mill.........
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GB, Otami Ruins and DMS are my favorite places. GB and Otami for badges, DMS, well, I actually use rings in there that I would have never touched (I'm looking at you hack ring).
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I love Otami Ruins and Old Aqueduct the most, but of the two I'd choose Old Aqueduct as my favorite. It's really a relaxing place to hang out, especially during this easter event. The mixed elements for each portal, like the one to Gold Beach and the one to Bassken Lake, are just an example of the small details of the area. Otami is just gorgeous, though there's not a lot to do.

In a crew, it's Shallow Seas over Deadman's Pass and Deadman's Shadow. Shallow Seas is more fun. >> Geez. All of the areas in zOMG are lovely. It's a wonder how one can even choose.
Definitely love Otami the best!
I have tons of memories there and the run quest is hilarious.

I go to DMS a lot though, so I guess I like it.
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Otami Ruins
~I love the jungle environment.
~Great for farming Tiny Terrors and fighting Masks if you want a challenge.
~Has my favorite area, the Gauntlet. Awhile back I formed a crew to fight the vases just for fun. (Took about 3 freakin hours xd )
~I like the Stone Coatl and Feathered Coatl designs.
Aesthetically, Otami, Zen, SS and sorta Village Greens, then Bucaneer Boardwalk. Musically, Village Greens, DMS, then Bass'ken, then Zen.
Overall Otami. I had a learning obsession with Mesoamerican tribes because of my studies in ancient religion in grade 11. Not only that, but I've always wanted to go to a jungle as a kid and the scenery is just superb! Village Greens with it's music and overall look just makes it my second favorite area, with Bass'ken being third because it music just feels so calm and nice along with it's simple scenery.
To be honest DMS is the ugliest area. Can't blame the z!devs though, being such a small team with little resources. But the music makes it feel epic, esp when you're in GR!
Great question!

I would say that Otami Ruins is my favorite area due to the variety of monsters it has, its design and the excellent boss fight.

Least favorite would be Old Aqueduct zone. It's cramped, the trees make navigating hard and the P3s can easily rip an unprepared player to shreds. That said, the zone does have my absolute favorite quest chain with Concerned Citizen. I actually considered creating a new account so I could go through that quest chain again and re-read all the dialog.
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If I'm farming its Bass'ken Lake otherwise I prefer ZG or Otami
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Dangerous Vampire

I like BL and DMS.
BL because I've met a lot of good crews there and DMS for the over all feel, but the OMGs are really annoying.
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I'm in the minority.
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Otami ruins for me.

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