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let's stop wasting energy on this, shall we?

lets just try and get along with eachother :3 0.34710743801653 34.7% [ 42 ]
but i loooove hating >:o 0.041322314049587 4.1% [ 5 ]
i dont care at all, i am just that cool. 0.1900826446281 19.0% [ 23 ]
i used to care, but it made me numb. 0.066115702479339 6.6% [ 8 ]
luze, you are seeing things that arent there, now take your meds and shut up 0.066115702479339 6.6% [ 8 ]
calm down, there are higher reasons for everything, just have faith 0.0082644628099174 0.8% [ 1 ]
but these elitists make me sooooo maaadddd! 0.074380165289256 7.4% [ 9 ]
but these anti-elitists make me even madder! 0.041322314049587 4.1% [ 5 ]
the word elisitsts makes me auto-mad! *auto-downvotes* 0.041322314049587 4.1% [ 5 ]
i never heard of elitists in the zomg community 0.12396694214876 12.4% [ 15 ]
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sorry vengy. Titles are given to people for reasons. just like calling a kettle black. Whose to say the kettle isn't just color intollerant? Reality: Titles are given to people. Whether you like it or not. There is nothing you can do about it.
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lolz elite thing is still around? dramallama
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If you can't take the heat then don't stand near the fire.

There are hundreds of ways to identify as a non-elitist while still being a good player. Anyone who wants to be an elitist should know and expect the notoriety and hostility they'll be exposed to. Seriously, if you're going to complain in the forums about your e-feelings getting hurt, then by no means are you an elitist.
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I thought the rage-quit Elitist issue died already... neutral
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In the lower level areas mostly I meet people happy to get advice. Deadman's Shadow, Shallow Seas and Duneslam are the only places I've met smart-alecky people who just won't listen or accept the helpfulness. >: After a few times I learned to just let them fail if they won't listen, and when they do, try to explain it to them again.

*shrugs* I don't know much about elitism. I've been in a crew with one person I believe was elitist, it was a DMS crew filled with beginners. One or two died in the second screen from being mobbed, the person left without saying anything at all. >> Other than that, haven't really encountered the label. Funny thing is, right after he/she left we five went on to kill a BD. Not one far off in a corner, one that was right at the door waiting for us. <3
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I mean if you really upset with your crew you can always say your buffs and rage quit.
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I couldn't care less about elitists. *shrugs*
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It has everything to do with the attitude of the elites. So many of them think they are better than people because they can beat the game and are very unwilling to help others out. I'm not saying all of them are like that, but well that's where a lot of the bad blood is coming from. I would love to do a bloodlust run, but I have no free time to commit 3+ hrs to just do the bloodlust part let alone an entire run from the beginning.

that's just the thing. the people who are being accused of being or acting like elitists often just are not elitists at all. the term is being overused on the wrong people, but when ever the term elitist comes into play so does a wall of hate and bundled up frustration. however yes you are right, some people do call themselves elititst, some are helpful, others are not. and sadly beating dms takes a lot of time, no matter what kind of people are involved in a run. i hope you get a free day and good crew sometimes to beat the game, its really fun ^^

you are right, this kind of thing happens everywhere. yet this goddamn term elitists gives zomg players a point to bundle their hate and frustration into and everyone who gets labeled this by anyone he crews up with to play has next to no chance to continue playing a normal game in natural friendly enviroment. really spoils the the fun for a lot of people sad

and mr n00balta was being sarcastic and rather funny i may say xD has been his running gag for a while now within this forum :3


thank you for sharing your view!! i agree completely, people get accused for being elitists when in fact there really is not such a thing. the people who do accuse however seem to need to find some way to vent their frustration and making themselves feel better by making others feel bad, or somethign like that. when in fact i cant imagine anyone feels really better by starting to pick on other players and cause drama ><


Memory Haunts You

yes yes, the original title, before i added the braces around the word elitist, was somewhat misleading, somewhat on purpose even xD of course this wasnt meant to stirr up an old discussion but to start discussing the current trend of badmouthing like any random player who is willing to help and give advice how to play more efficently, but since this term elitists is used which carries so much potential hatred as a source of serious troubles between players. if people would instead just say " hey i dont like if you tell me what to do, or i dont like the idea to bring in a nother play in this crew i dont know/trust/like etc" this would remain a discussable issue. as soon as the term elitst comes into play though any levelheaded way to solve a conflict as as good as doomed. since elitists are pure evil, end of discussion, in the mind of those who need a traget for their hate and frustration. using the elitsts thing is a way to avoid any fruitful progress. in a crew, but even in this trhead xD although i am liking what i read here so far :3
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You are a wonderful player and a joy to crew with! One of the few higher leveled players that I ever crewed with in DMS that took the time to actually teach us newer players how to do it. Don't listen to the haters, because the ones that really matter already know you are wonderful. :3
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still too elite to read any of this > A>

You are a wonderful player and a joy to crew with! One of the few higher leveled players that I ever crewed with in DMS that took the time to actually teach us newer players how to do it. Don't listen to the haters, because the ones that really matter already know you are wonderful. :3

awww <333 redface thank you for saying such kind things enigma x3 i am merely sharing what i gathered so far to help the crew succeed rather than teaching xD but yes, it also depends on all players in a crew to be open to suggestions from everyone and try out different ways to figure out what works best =D yes we had some damn nice and fun crewing together, its been a while, hopefully we bump into eachother in dms again soon enough ^^
but yes, part of why i started this thread is that other players who i have never seen acting anything but nice and helpful have been badmouthed badly and called the bad e-word :/ they should also know that enough people know this is bullshit but still it really hurts, thats why i am trying to raise some awareness lol x3
By making this thread, aren't you simply bringing up dead arguments and sore spots?

Simply, making this thread doesn't help at all. Friendships do not break because of 'bad elitists' in people's minds. I know some people who tolerate one of these so-called elitists and hate another. Friendships break because of differences in judgement and personality, and DMS has brought out a bad spot in people.

And yes, this thread is tiresome, but it doesn't solve anything. You may say elitists are fine humans, and I agree. But some have done wrongs in the past, and many people didn't find their threads funny, just boring. More like it, you're putting a generalized term on a specific many. What has happened is that someone attacks one person of being 'elitist' and then a whole troop of that whole group come in (or that person's friends) to defend him or her; even if their actions weren't great.

Yes, the group you have been referring to have accomplished a lot, did guides, and helped people understand game mechanics. What happened in the beginning, and what still leaves a sore spot on people's mouths, wasn't that their accomplishments weren't noteworthy. It was of the attitude of a few of these people that forumers did not like. It is hard to like a stranger who comes off as arrogant and immature, this applies to real life as well. Many people do not like to associate with people who are aggrandizing in themselves.

While this incident was awhile ago, this has been on many gaian's minds, thus the 'hate'. I am not saying it is justified, but I think this might be a naive concept for you to hold just because of one experience. There are many on all sides.
edit: ok i changed this thread's title, finally xD since it is not about who or what elitists exactly are but about the fact there is some very unpleasant hating going on between players and the term used for the targets of hate remains "elitists", and it affects the wrong people more often than not.

i am sure this topic is most tiresome for many, and those who have been accused of being an elitist and badmouthed for months are long over being sick of it. but there are more and more players who have beaten the game more often than others, and when they try to help people on their first eb or kamila kills they start being called elitists and treated badly for no real reason as well. this trend really has to stop!
since humorous, sarcastic and trollish attempts to talk about this have failed let me try and say it as mature and heartfelt as i can.

just who exactly are those elitists? it seems everyone has another definition of it. but what it seems to come down to for most people i talked to is:
players who understand the game mechanics and either come up with tactics how to beat the game or adapt such tactics, who try to explain to other players how to play more efficently and last but not least can get impatient on times when all the reaction they get in return is stubborn ignorance, misunderstanding or plain and simply the accusation of being an elitist and automatic a*****e. and having friends among the more wellknown "elitists".
i am not even getting into how people who fit this description accuse eachother of being elitists *cough* >>

why do i type this out? because this just happened to me, friends i was going to help with their first kam kill accusing me of being an elitist for pointing out we need to use ghi amps to play bloodlust and by trying to find a tank to tank bloodlust for them i supposedly tried to take over their crew and bring in my so called elitist friends. please ...

this is not only happening to me, this happens daily and friendships break because of the image of the "bad elitist" in people's minds.
its painful to see your friends sad by being affected by such accusations and it sure as hell stings when it happens to you, and you know you could be next. buck up community, please!

i wish i would be that cool to stand above all that and just say "fine, i can leave crew if you suddenly dont like me anymore, think of me what you want or come back to me later to apologize for this bullshit" but yes, i am not that cool. i am also just a person with feelings who just wants to have a fun time with friends playing a game. as exhausting as it was i did work this issue out with my friends so i could sleep well. but i more than hope this sort of thing would just stop happening, and a little help from an experienced player could just be seen as that and nothing else.

PS: you guys involved in that run i am refering to, you know all apologies are accepted <3 you know this thread is not personally aimed at you but at a sadly real general issue. cause i know that not everyone can succesfully work out these things when they happen to them :/

edit: quoting Venteux'd's definition of an elitist that i think says it pretty well, now compare if that is why you call a certain person elitist - your hate target - and maybe think twice. not saying there are no players who fit this image:
Its ok to complain or remind a person (about derping, missing buffs etc), but what an elitist does is an elitist will actually get mad and wont take the situation maturely. An elitist might say degrading comments about the person for making 1 mistake or a couple tiny ones. Like I know someone in smob that said I was horrible at using fleet because I used it 2 seconds after the boxes were opened. instead of doing it exactly when the boxes were opened. That is an example of elitist behavior.

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You forgot to put because I'm lazy and illiterate, and if so I'm surprised you know how to type.

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