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Grace Gubreez
Grace Gubreez

Find people on Gaia already rofl

no one I meet irl is on gaia. They look at me funny when I go on here between classes rofl

My best friend introduced me to this game.. But now she plays more serious games like Dota and stuff emo

Im a dum dum that stays in one place doing the same thing because of nostalgia..

LOL not people irl. You gotta like go make friends in forums or something then be like 'hay...u want extra gold? come play zomg wit me'

hmm I'll try that.. I was trying on cb in a christmas thread I was in.. it didnt work..
I think I'll try to make a smob/smeb crew thread in this forum :3

GL! You could also try in-game :O

ty and yea I friend people I enjoy crewing with :3
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Demonic Spirit

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SS died because of Flynn.
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Partying Sex Symbol

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i get why everyones doin DMS now....but i dont get why people stopped doing shallow sea consindering its the best way to farm
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zOMG! was interesting and fun to a point. I haven't been playing it as much! ninja
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Fluffy Bunny

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it is quite empty, I used to see several crews and ppl there all the time. Now it's just me walking around, or just one more person around at times.
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Divine Bookworm

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*points finger to Flynn's* and people usually SMOB/EB after reset anyways o3o
I'm so incredibly rusty...and I've wanted to get back into the game but its so incredibly dead!! Plus, where are these extra places everyone keeps talking about??? after two years of not being on...I have gone back to noob status haha....I'm hoping by posting in here that maybe I can get a little help and a better grasp of whats happened...?

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