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Design a Ring - My zOMG Contest

I know there have been several of these out there aready, but I decided I would like to start a fresh one. A lot of custom rings I have seen have a lot of potential. I won't be showing this or acknowledging this for any Gaia zOMG Moderators. This contest is simply for fun. : D

The prize is a CL1.0 Rock Armor ring. Yes, I have one unsoulbound.

Table of Contents
II. Rules & Instructions
III. Ring Design Format
IV. My Designs
V. Reserved
II. Rules & Instructions

General Rules
1. Respect ToS
2. Follow Instructions
3. Be nice

Designing: This contest has an entry of 0 gold. It is virtually free, even though there is a prize. In order to enter, you must simply post your rings in this thread, preferably all in the same post. You *need* to use the format that I provide below in creating your rings. You may only design and enter up to four rings. If you want to design any more than that, you must pay a fee of 1000 gold.
Voting: Voting will not start for a week or two. When I announce that voting has started, here is what you do. When voting, you may only vote for *one* ring. This ring *cannot* be your own design. I will tally up votes once I decide to end the voting. I will edit dates and times on voting into here later.
III. Ring Design Format

When designing a ring, you *must* post it in this format. Any drastic diversions from this format will result in the corresponding ring design to be overlooked and disqualified. I have provided the values/choices for each stat. For an example, take a look at my ring designs in the next post.

Ring Name:
Damage: Weak, Moderate, Strong, or Superb
Range: Point Blank, Short, Long, or Extreme
Targets: Enemies, Self, and/or Allies
Knockback: Weak, Feeble, Moderate, or Strong
Recharge Duration: Short(1-5s), Moderate(6-30s), Long(31s+)
Stamina Usage: Small(1-5%), Moderate(6-15%), Large(16%+)
IV. My Designs

Here are all my designs. The first two aren't as original because they are based off of Pokemon. XD

Ring Name: Toxic
Damage: Weak
Range: Moderate
Targets: Enemies
Knockback: Feeble
Recharge Duration: Moderate (15 seconds)
Stamina Usage: Moderate (15%)
Description: The player spews toxic liquid at an enemy that leaves a consistent damage output; every time the enemy attacks, it loses a chunk of its own health until it finally dies. Raging increases lethality of the poison damaging the enemy more.

Ring Name: Sponge
Damage: Weak
Range: Short
Targets: Enemies
Knockback: Weak
Recharge Duration: Short (5 seconds)
Stamina Usage: Moderate (10%)
Description: The player drains a portion of health from an enemy, adding it to their own health. Raging increases damage output.

Ring Name: Refresh
Damage: N/A
Range: Point Blank
Targets: Self
Knockback: N/A
Recharge Duration: Moderate (30 seconds)
Stamina Usage: Small (5%)
Description: The player relaxes and attempts to regain composure; in the process, a chunk of stamina is directly regained. The amount of stamina regained is determined by the amount of Rage that is used. Roughly, rage is converted into stamina.

Ring Name: Massacre
Damage: Maximum (greater than superb)
Range: Short
Targets: Enemies
Knockback: Weak
Recharge Duration: Moderate (30 seconds)
Stamina Usage: Large (30%)
Description: The player releases a flurry of attacks at an enemy equivalent to the power of an RR4 Hack attack. This ring uses a TON of stamina. Raging increases damage output.
V. Spotlight

So, I have decided that voting starts after page five.Voting has started and ends August 1. I am on cation until the 26th of July and won't be getting online till then.

Rings that get the most votes will be placed here. For now, this area will be used to display rings that I or other participants seem to like the most.
You only get ONE vote. You may not vote for any of your own designs.

There are no rings to display yet.

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