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That analogy kind of sucks.
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Dervish was always in my standard set when I was still soloing my way through the game. I've always really liked it because it hits everything around you and the knockback gives you some 'breathing space' when you seem to have bit off more than you can chew.

However, it's this exact knockback that can make Dervish a less suitable ring for working in a crew. You keep stating that using it at RR1 won't cause much of a knockback, but it won't cause much damage either, at least not when you compare it to RR4 Fire Rain. The reason I'm comparing these too because both Dervish and Fire Rain are 'full AoE's' and they are both pretty heavy stam-drainers. The only benefit that Fire Rain has in relation to the stamina it takes is that you can use it at RR4 and it will damage all enemies around you pretty heavily. If you can't RR4 Dervish because of the huge knockback it will give, it will only do minor damage yet use a lot of stamina.

This is why I think Dervish is a good ring when you solo, but not so much when you're in a crew.
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Whoa, whoa. This isn't ps where all the enemies gather at one precise spot. There are often many lurers and this can lead to the animated being spread out. Which is why slash is a better option. As it works good as both an aoe and a single target ring. pirate

...you obviously don't have much experience in smob at all, do you? when the lures in smob are spread out, get your crew huddled together and use r4 wish to aggro and gather them to one point. problem solved. if the mobs are constantly spread out during your run, it's due to incompetency.

i don't deny that slash is better than dervish in certain criteria, but so are a few other rings. and it doesn't mean you can't incorporate dervish into your ring set just because you already have fire rain and slash.

again, i can't stress this enough. the purpose of this thread isn't to advocate dervish as the best ring, neither was it to impose the use of dervish in smob. i was just merely standing up for an awesome ring that doesn't deserve such berating or downplay.

ps: it's kinda pathetic when you actually put some thought into it. it's as if i'm trying to help a beggar because he is being bullied by the passers-by, but instead of asking me ''why should we help the beggar?'', what you are doing now is like saying, ''hey, that aristocrat has more money than the beggar''. do you get my point? please, i know what slash does and is capable of doing. i don't need a bunch of greenhorns explaining it to me in detail. just want to stand up for dervish, it's not that bad of a ring as many players presume.

Using a ps ringset for smob., Yeah. All that wasted power and stam definitely makes sense. I bet you use a smob set for ps too.
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Lol. Fighting over Dervish. lol

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