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Hey, I just wanted to point out that I got a Fleet Feet ring from OMGWTF.

If you can update the info! smile
Hey all! I've come to report that I was physically assaulted and brutally beaten unconscious by a mob of Flying Pink Gift Boxes around Bass'ken Lake at night. Not sure if "Ring Box" is supposed to be this enemy or not, but I thought an enemy addon might help.

Nice guide!
@ cz75gsc - thnx for that info, i will get that updated later this evening after work

@ Fox Mouse - ive encountered those too when i was teleported to Bass'ken Lake from trick-or-treating. i will also try to get that updated this evening.

thnx for all the updates everyone
How do you open treasure box/etc?
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The purse dropped suede for me today :3
this needs to be a sticky, i swear
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For Taiko Drum I've got Music Note, Fan Wood, Lacquered Wood, Wood Piece, Ring: Bump, Ring: Dervish, Ring: Ghost. Still haven't gotten the Ring: Hunter's Bow. I am not sure, but I've also hunted a Ring: Fire Rain, but not sure from which animated.
Nice guide, very helpful.
i need more ppl telling me what monsters are dropping what rings
nite everyone
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Got Slash and Fire Rain from OMG O_o

I got Guns,Guns,Guns and Knife Sharpen from Kikoshi Dolls.

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Got Slash and Fire Rain from OMG O_o

I got Guns,Guns,Guns and Knife Sharpen from Kikoshi Dolls.


great i'll get that updated when i get home from work. thnx for all the updates
good thread!
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♥ Also, the Gnome General drops a ??? Ring. (Fitness) ♥
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Hey, wow! This is an AMAZING and comprehensive guide! I especially like the maps that show monster spawns! heart Totally amazing, and I shall be sure to subscribe and lurk!

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