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I'm in the same boat! Let's crew together sometime so I'm not the only newbie in my crew. emo

*studies the guides*

We should that way I don't feel so bad xD
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They don't want you to use AOE /Area Of Effect rings to keep you from luring other monsters towards you and to keep you from stealing aggro from the tank.
Basically, in YM, non AOE rings are prefered while AOE rings are more used in GR

What Haru said. I'd recommend reading some dms guides to let you know what ring you should bring and what to expect etc. there are some awesome guides out there and ive found nice higher cls who are willing to help., just,make sure its a good guide with accurate info. Most of them are but ive come across some horrible ones that have misleading info such as listing sweet heart ring as a pasive.

Rings Id recommend are hack slash mantis or bump, lsoot, shuriken. Some take solar and ina baddon't be a jerk advice thread they even said it was a required ring. Solar sucks for attack damage. It onlu protects against the grue and holds crew effciancy ck.n ba

Dam my phone im gonna have to clean this up when I get home to my laptopis acting up

People don't like AoE because it's Damage Per (Hit/Stamina/Second) is pretty shitty and because you're hitting one enemy at a time. Not five.

And for lesser leveled crews you often find yourself otherwise.
Hitting multiples at once that are supposed to be taped.

Thank you both for the info, I'm much more educated now !
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She's really nice and has helped SO much people! She's very patient as long as you listen to her. Seriously, you should check it out!

I'm gonna check it out right now thanks <3 .

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