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My main problems for bugs is that General mayhem on normal isn't working, The Concerned Citizen in Old Aqueduct is not able to talk, and Rin and Lin say they need me to find a jewel eye for a task, and I already have but it isn't showing up for me to take it to this. Im started to get a little mad now. But Im NEVER going to leave zOMG.
My 2 year old glitch thread
Please don't let it reach the 3rd anniversary.
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STILL NO FREEBIES!!!! scream scream scream
At the begginning of zOMG, i have a problem.

I started this game again, but in village-green there was a problem. I killed the 3 monster, but the NPC Leon ran round-and-round , and i couldn't go more .. biggrin
Help pls smile
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Do you think anyone is even looking at this thread now that they have decided to ignore ZOMG? I don't think we are going to get daily chance freebies anymore. =/
I'm having trouble on this new account. I can see my charge orbs in my inventory, but they do not show up in the counter. I also cannot upgrade my ring, which is annoying as it is now one of the first quests. My other accounts work fine, it is just this new one which has the problem. Any advice?

** Edit
Don't know what happened, but it is working now! I tried switching servers, logging off and on, and after awhile I closed it for a few minutes. When I got back on, it was working.
Sometimes it just takes a little time for it to load. Just refresh and it will work.
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Name:Kamila's Ghi glitch
Description: Once a player/crew leader dc's out of the instance the ghi would go down.
Slow ghi glitch goes down about 5minutes.
Medium speed ghi glitch goes down about every 2minutes
Fast ghi glitch goes down every 1minute.
Environment: does not matter it happens to all players.
Steps to reproduce: You enter the instance, Let's say flash crashes and you try and refresh it does not let you back in, your out of crew and ghi might or might not break, or your just refreshing and just can not connect and you dc. The ghi mostly breaks when the leader dc's, sometimes a crew member can break it.
Reproducability: see above sentence.
Priority:10/10 beause this glitch makes kam unplayable, more LONGER, and much more harder to beat.
Name: Kamila's distance glitch.
Description: Kamila has just about her own "G button" and she stays on the player not allowing the player to stay away from her aoe.
Environment: does not matter happens to all members.
Steps to reproduce: We don't know the cause but it may happen when 1. The member's of the crew dc'd multiple times during the run or 2. the player kites kamila too much she starts to "G" on you.
Priority:6/10, I have not seen this glitch happen for a few weeks
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i noticed this happening to me yesterday while playing zOMG whenever i asked for my daily freebie they would give it to me but nothing appered on the screen to show that i got something and i was like that's OK it'll show up in my inventory,well it didn't so i checked today too,and still nothing in my inventory,and i went on zOMG to get well at least to try to get a freebie and to my surprise it still didnt show anything so i tried something i asked for my freebie twice three four five times i stopped after that and it "gave it to me" i say it like that because i dint get anything from it so yeah
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have you guys fixed the glitch with the commander leon character cuse I have not been able to play because of it
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STILL NO FREEBIES!!!! scream scream scream
Agree. Having the same problem.
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So... is anybody going to fix the freebie problem ever, or maybe even just acknowledge somewhere that it's a problem?
BUG REPORT! I never got any charge orbs as I was playing like that first reply in this topic
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STILL NO FREEBIES!!!! scream scream scream

I know this has been stated already, but no one seemed to follow the format... I hope this is the right place for this...

Name Nickname: No DC Freebie
Description: Whenever I click on the daily chances it says what they say and that I received the item, but no item is shown dropping, and not item is received or shown in my inventory or gold. Also if you click on the daily chance a second time it says the same thing as it does when you receive the item. It's almost as if it reads your interaction with it but nothing else since it gives you no item and if you click a second time it doesn't tell you that you have claimed the item for that day and to come back tomorrow. So it basically doesn't give you the freebie and it doesn't even seem to realize you already spun the wheel or talked and asked the person for the freebie. I've only tried in the Barton Town and Village Greens but I think it's for all of the DC on ZOMG.
Environment: My OS is Windows 7 and my browser if Mozilla Firefox
Steps to reproduce:Just go and claim your daily chance like you normally would.
Reproducability: It seems to be happening to not just me. It's been happening for at least the past 2 or 3 days. Others have been complaining.

I hope I didn't confuse you and I know this has been posted a few other times before me. Please if at all possible let me and the other people on the form know if you got it or will be working on it or not by posting on the form or something.

I know it may not be that practical for you to do so, so I understand if you can't because you people are busy. I was just thinking that it may be a good idea. If others are like me they like to know if someone even received their words or message. However I also know that it is very busy for the people who run Gaia and that you may not have the time to.

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