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Arrrrr! We be needin' yer assistance!

We're working today on bugs! We're starting with some of the ones that block the game most (Alastor's quest, stuck in training, etc). We'll be working our way over Darknrgy and Berry Farmer's threads. Those have a short synopsis of the bugs and there are a few links to more details. But we're trying to flush it out a more.

But to help us get the most fixing done in the limited time we have, we need help with some of the details. The more info we start with, the less time the bug takes and the more bugs we'll be able to fix!

The best way for us to investigate each bug is to use a bug report thread in the bugs forum. The more detail the better! There are already a few started like the HPR glitch and Alastor's quest. But it help massively to fill out some extra details.

For instance, one of the bugs is the orb counter freaking out and showing millions. I've seen this myself. But I can't remember when it happened or what happened just before it or how to make it happen. So here's a list of what would be super duper helpful to know:

  • Full steps to reproduce
  • Does it happen every time? 50%? 10%?
  • Where does it happen?
  • Just in a crew? Just solo?
  • Is there a workaround?
  • Did anything else mysterious happen before the bug showed up?

So, please post below to link to a thread in the zOMG Bugs Forum. And if you already have a thread which Berryfarmer linked to, please add any details you can. Or if you want to just post in someone else's thread with details, go for it!

And for your reference:
Darknrgy's thread
Berryfarmer's thread

Thanks guys for your help!

Added so far:
Orb Counter sometimes broken
Bassken quest / Logan silent

For Clarification
I'm not looking for new bug reports or bug details in this thread. What I really need are links to bug report threads which have details and are a place that halzy or myself can ask specific questions about the bug. Please don't post bug reports directly in this thread! Find or make a thread in the bug reports forum and post the link here. We haven't gotten very much so far, which is gonna mean that we waste halzy's time doing a bunch of research. If halzy spends time researching one or two bugs then he'll run out of time doing that instead of fixing more bugs.

I'm really really really serious. The number of bugs we get fixed depends on how much help we get with well-organized, detailed bug report threads.
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i hope someone can help. i complete every thing for a task for ( Olivia's cookies, Candy's boa, and many more but no matter what i don't get credit the task. is there some way i can just clear them out and start on a clean slate? question question question question question question question
I believe there is another bug.... Again in Bass'ken Lake where there are no saws outside the Buzz Saw Mill But it says there is and will allow no entry. biggrin
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Thats Great.
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Time to pull out the notes I kept while documenting and seeing if any of it is useful. I'll keep this post updated as I decipher my notes. Or I could update the thread with my notes, whichever is easiest on you. Please let me know either way, I'm happy to be of service.

What: Charge/Shadow Orb Counter glitch

Happens sporadically when the in game counter for either type of orb has to update either by gaining orbs by quests, salvaging and drops or using orbs in upgrading rings. It happens when in both crews and solo. The current workaround is logging off and/or changing servers. It occurs more frequently when just logging into a server and when upgrading rings.

What: DMS Maps Resetting

Happens in crews, and can be reproduced with some certainty however finding volunteers is a tricky subject so reliable reproduction is hard to come by. When everyone dazes while progressing through DMS the practice is to leave someone to anchor the instance. When said anchor is not the crew leader the instance has a habit of resetting leaving the anchor stranded where they are and the rest of the crew having to start the instance over. This leads to the possibility of wasting time, energy and powerups. It happens more frequently in the player dubbed green rooms, hundred percent rooms and the crypt.

What: Alastor Quest doesn't start

After gathering tissue samples a quest from Alastor about meeting him in the crypt should be given. However when talking to Alastor the quest is never actually started. Instead it logs as never given and Alastor never loses the red bubble.
An Alastor glitch thread Another Alastor Thread
Screenie 1
Screenie 2

What: General Mayhem on Normal doesn't fight

Select normal mode for fighting General Mayhem in Village Greens. Kill his minions, then wait, he doesn't attack or react at all once the area is clear except for him. Current workaround includes choosing easy or hard to fight him.

I could swing a dead cat in the bugs forum and hit a topic mentioning it but here's three and a video I did today to show:
1 2 3
stare stare stare stare
When you try to take on the Gnome boss on normal he won't attack after you clear all the minions gonk
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I'm having trouble talking to the NPC Elizabeth. I suppressed my CL, but that didn't work and now it won't go up.

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