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look at the url:
i dont own any of these rights all copyrights go to this site alone and the creator the the current url above.
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Just wanted to let you know, I'd be willing to participate in a direct contact, if there were certain things you want sniffed out. Could sniff out certain bugs and target documentation if you wanted.
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not getting the orbs my friends r saying they see the orbs popping out but they r not in their inventory so they r not recieving them, and its been lagging u think u have a full health then all of the sudden u r dead?
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Hi Swarf, Im updating my Alastor quest never starts glitch thread that you have linked in your first post.

I will post my update here as well.

- Glitch happens when you do the DMS quest chain and Alastor hands you the quest to meet him in Kams coffin room. The prior quest is killing night frights, big dogs, and counts handed to you by Deva.
- This can be reproduced with 100 percent ratio. I do not know a single person that have gotten to this stage and been able to accept the quest.
- This glitch happens both solo and in a crew.
- It takes place in the first screen of DMS where Alastor and Deva are.
- There is no walkaround, if you go to the coffin room you can see Alastor, but nothing happens quest wise as you are not able to accept the quest to meet him in the coffin room.
- Nothing mysterious happened prior to the glitch. This is the first quest chain problem I have had on this account.
- Im happy to be contacted on any issue relating to this glitch that halzy might have.
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Also while I'm happy to make a detailed bug report thread on instance glitching with all the details you wanted Swarf. I'm really not the best person to do it. There are others with far more experience who have hypothesis on why instances glitch.

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i was just in a crew we all died than the doors stopped working now we are starting all over cries xd heart wahmbulance help crying
I'm not sure if this has already been posted, but I've noticed glitches in two areas.

The first occurs at Village greens in General Mayhem's Quarters. When you do the Normal level, whether you are in a crew or not, there will be a large number of gnomes spawning and then after they are all killed nothing happens. No other enemy comes and General Mayhem just stands around and says nothing.
The next glitches involve orbs. In Null crystal, sometimes when you upgrade rings, the orb counter will show a ridiculously high number. Also, when you upgrade rings, the number of orbs in your loot doesn't change.
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Vox Stellarum issue: (I know I posted about this before, but I just received it myself~)

Check here for exactly what happened to me~
4laugh fix all the bugs.. burning_eyes
I am glitching and bug!!! lagging!!! xp xp
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Sometimes I recieve 4,???,???,??? orbs and it's weird and annoying. Can't see my actual amount of orbs
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Urgo its still not letting me past the first stage Leon is still running around like there are monsters there but i assure you they are long dead.

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