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I have seen forums here, continuously askign the same questions.


-It is not out yet, that is why you can't find it.
-The only weapons so far are rings or something that are stat raisers. Some gaia items may be used for it, for I have seen pictures including the gaian bat, also, there may be new weapons made for the battle system.
-Runescape, Maplestory, etc. It may seem like gaia may be turning into one of those, but you really don't need to continue to post forums about it.
-Info about Kill Stealing and Player Killing/Plyer Battleing is unknown to most.
-How do you play? There should be an instruction manual once it comes out, and it shouldn't be to difficult.
-I'm not killing this monster because... yadda yadda. Its a game, who cares about the monsters, most of us certainly don't.
-Advantages: People who have been on longer may have better advantages, but wether your avvie may be a zombie or something won't change anything, it will be to unfair to anyone who joined gaia after the event.

Post any questions or answer any questions here.
neutral xd jk
el oh el, so thats why i cant find it
kinda reminds me of .hack// wish we could go into a virtual worlds =]
and battle those kick a$$ monsters!!!!! xD
This isn't a chat forum...
so? stare you know you want to chat =] anyway, so the monsters in this thing are basically cream-puffs? if yah know what i mean.
So I read the first page of the sticky but I can't find out where the rules are posted. Do any one know any general information about the battle system?
actually theres this loooonnnnggg profile all about it. didnt read it tough =/
ok so theres rings and stuff....=/ i new at this and just read the announcement so...
actually theres this loooonnnnggg profile all about it. didnt read it tough =/
Ok, so where is this profile about it?
I don't click links on the announcements since it may slow down my computer...

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