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I have waited long for a battle system to come out. I am very glad that they are working on something like this. It seems like yesterday that the Gaia crew were just announcing their release on swords for avatars.

I have plenty of ideas for the Gaia Battle system. It's should be a game that everyone will enjoy, and requirtes you to (more or less) craft your avatar into a warrior for the battle.

- - Your avatar should be able to buy armor that have selected points towards a stat. When your character goes to battle other avatars, your avatar's appearance will affect some of your strengths and weaknesses. For instace, cluttering your avatar with armor and etc. Will slow down your avatar's actions. Warrior Armor might make your character less prone to Melee attack damage. You get the idea.

- - To make it fair for all Gaians, the battling system should be turn-based (Some net connections are not up to par with others.) The battle system could also feature team battles, where groups of up to four can battle others. For instance:

Gaians would meet up at a colesium, where they will meet up andf form teams. The Gaians would then find another group of 1-4 players and request to fight them. That other group will review them and accept/deny approval of fighting.

- - Gaians will all start with the following statistics in the Battle Arena:

Life (HP) = 10
Stamina (ST) = 100% (This is a fixed value and never increases)
Guard = 2 (The defense for all attacks)

- - Gaians will also start with beginning abilities. Abilities are what determine your attack, and will level up after using it a lot.

Strike -- [lv.1] Attack a Gaian for _2_ Melee damage.
--- pts improved on level up :: 3
EXP :: 0 / 12 (uses)

(uhh. I can't think of anything else for abilities yet)

Since Gaians dont have stats like STR (strength), they will rely on their abilities to improve. Clothes should also help with the use of these abilities as well.

To improve the stats:

HP = fight more gaians and win to improve HP.
Guard = wear better armor

when winning battles, you should be able to recieve an amount of gold for defeating other Gaians. After x battles, your Gaian will be allowed more abilities, and take a path to learn about other things like Magic, and Ninja-like moves.

Gaians should also recieve a score for purchasing such new abilities from a shop associated with their class (see below).

Ultimately, the record of wins and losses should appear on their profile, along with stats.

- - Gaians should be able to choose a path when they grow strong enough. After x battles / wins, a Gaian can choose among many different classes, like:


Each class will have many abilities you can use when you practice fighting.

That's all I got for now. Gaia Staff, I wish you well in your Battle System making : D
I really like the idea of being able to form teams/groups, and taking items gaia already has and applying stat changing abilities to them.
so do i just want better and tsronger monsters
The Battle Rings determine your abilities. If you get the right Battle Rings, you can technically be a 'ninja' or a 'cleric'. Basically the classes are just one class with no name.

The point of the Battle Rings is to give everyone the chance to have any abilities they want, and not have to just pick a class they like best. :]
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Good ideas. I would wish for Arenas where you can possibly win large amounts of gold and items.

Also, the monthy collectives should have special abilities in the System.

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