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Lady: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

You: Uhm. Is something wrong?

Lady: Oh my! Oh NOOO!!

You: What's wrong?!

Lady: W-w-...Oh! H-i-i! . . .

You: Hiya! ^.^;; Are you okay?

Lady: Ermf... Now's kind of a bad ti-...Oh wait, do you have a spare minute?
You: Sure.

Mission Explanation:

Lady: Okay. Well, how do I start. I planned to propose to my boyfriend, so I got this amazing Engagement Ring, right? Well, then on my way back from the Jewelry Shop, I found the cutest little hand bag you had ever seen.

W-e-l-l, maybe it was a bad idea, but I decided to keep it! I put my Engagement Ring in it for sake keeping, but the strangest thing happened! I swear to Gambino, the hand bag flew away! That has my to-be fiance's engagement ring in it! I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE IT BACK! You think you can help me? I might have some change I can spare if you bring it back. It won't be much, though. . . That ring cost me a lot!

My boyfriend's out right now. I really need this before he gets back! I don't know what I'd do!!!

You: *accepts mission*

Mission Start/Battle:

You find a hand bag enemy with a sparkle on it in a relatively n00bish area. It looks easy enough of a kill, and it is! You attack it, it collapses and falls to the ground (and also deflates). However, as you approach the cute li'l guy, something stirs in the bushes:

A GIANT MOTHER ******** HANDBAG BOSS gobbles the smaller handbag! Are you ready for this?

Coincidentally, a young man is traveling through the forest and joins your party temporarily. "You look like you could use some help. Not exactly in a good mood. Maybe I can take it out on this guy!" You begin your battle against the Giant Hand Bag:

- Can spit out mini handbags to annoy you
- Throws loose change from it's mouth
- May eat and throw-up your items every now and then. Ouch.
- In the worst case scenario, might just decide to eat you!

After defeating the hand bag, the ring pops out of it's mouth and onto the ground. You pick it up and have a small exchange with the young man who just helped you:

Him: Whoa! What a coincidence! I was just at the Jewelry Shop looking for a ring for my girl. We've been getting really close for a while now, and well...I want to propose to her! Unfortunately, we're completely broke. This would be a perfect ring for her!

You: . . . Life is full of coincidences.

Him: ? ? ?

Mission Climax:

You: *leads the young man back to who is obviously his girlfriend (Otherwise will be met with huge embarrassment if he's a completely different guy!)*

Lady & Guy: Share some romantic exchange. You are thanked.

Optional - You: *are asked if they can have the ring or not* If yes, the two share the ring claiming that since they both sought after it, it was each other's gifts to one another (or a cheap excuse for being poor). You receive a small gift. Maybe helping these two out was worth more than any amount of gold or rings? If no, it ends up being not all that good of a Battle Ring. They really *are* poor, aren't they?
Alright. Maybe no one cares about my quest sweatdrop Or...the forums move very fast razz
Alright. Maybe no one cares about my quest

Yeah, let's just keep it at that. Wait for everyone to calm down, then bump it up. Tomorrow or the next week or something.

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