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Umm, I care? Whats the point of playing a game without it having some kind of meaning or reason to play it. I would be beyond pissed if it was just "OMG KILL THINGS"...
Aww, c'mon. I personally wanna know why I'm fighting cottonballs and garlic cloves, whether its to do with Rancher Bill using G-Virus on his crops, or that plants and inanimate objects are simply rebelling because we're ruining the planet. xd We need to know our motivation...
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Battle Royale!
Well once again, you cant really compare gaia to consol games, RPGs are all about the story. MMOs arent
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I do. I like back stories, as long as they don't suck.
So then why bother playing? To gain an elite social status? That's not going to impress many people.
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I think the battle system does need a backstory. Otherwise we would be progressing and fighting the monsters for no reason at all and with no understanding of why we're even fighting them or how they even got there...
probably that jack guy and santa, the aliens, and the cows are going to be included somewhere
I expect to see all elements of the Gaian plot play a role in the battle system in one spot or another.
I'd not like to see the system get segregated from the rest of Gaia, and become it's own non-integral entity on the site.
We like backstory. We like it a lot. In fact, we're going to marry it.

<slaps self>

Okay...anyway...what I meant to say is that we like backstory because (whether you like to follow the stories or not), creating that backstory lets us create a world that hangs together more believably and creates situations which are understandable for everyone, even intuitively, without talking to anyone in the world.

Does that make sense? Even if you don't follow the stories yourself, the simple act of us forcing ourselves to create fiction that hangs well together should theoretically create a world that is more believable to you as you move through it.

Are we trying to create a version of reality in Gaia? No way. Gaia is a crazy place with tons of variety, and lots of fun because of that...but when we create a backstory to explain much of WHY Gaia is the way it is, then we create a foundation that we can extrapolate from, that allows us to make an interesting world that makes sense *from that world's perspective*.

Okay...I'm getting pretty long-winded here...but I hope you see now why we go through the effort of creating such stories.

-- Q.
Eh, unless any of the other gaia NPCs are in it somehow it wont feel the same XP

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