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❥✖[No, they cant Obviously. It's sad no one reads the Game Rules or Terms of Service anymore. Or at all even. I have only been told one time to stop poaching, and I didn't see them tell me for a little while (I had horrible lag issues then.) and when I did see finally, They were shouting at me telling me I had been reported for Poaching and I was "Hurrassing" Them. I kindly explained that poaching did not exist, and that I did not see them say anything to me until later, but they would not listen, and continued to yell at me. I left without saying anything else, but boy would I have LOVED to give them a piece of my mind. What it really boils down to is NOT sinking to their level. Report if you really feel like it is necessary, then go on with your life. But I understand yours and their frustration, but I mean come on, they re-spawn endlessly, there's no shortage.]❥✖

User ImageBut I'll take what I want from your Heart and I'll keep it..User Image
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I don't know,

the 3rd bar-stool in barton bar is mine ninja
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Who cares?

Not me. Unless I'm farming the chests in Gold Beach and someone happens to come over and take one hit an anchor bug and get some money too. scream
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Early birds get the worm. Late birds eat dirt. emotion_awesome
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Yeah tell them to ******** off; it's not their game and its not against the rule to fight in their area.
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Of course not. That's just stupid, and un-enforcable.

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