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I'm glad I'm not the only one who loved the train tutorial.
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Miyaka Hana
I miss the train tutorial. sad

and frank.
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I missed Frank and the train tutorial!
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Miyaka Hana
I miss the train tutorial. sad
yeah i miss the train tutorial also and all the fun it used to be in the old days now everyone just goes on for it seems like to get gold which is boring to me :/ i would love to see what people do if they took the gold out of zomg haha
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The train tutorial of course! and Frank! crying
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here here!
to us old schoolers o3o
still got that ticket and franks MIA D:
vandalizing trashcans FTW
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I miss having friends.
I don't miss curtneko.
You're pretty... *u*
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Train tutorial, choosing which ring you wanted to start with, the bosses wandering outside of their 'homes', and how they were harder back then.
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I miss the days when you could always find a crew for basically any quest because the servers were always crawling with people everywhere.

This emotion_kirakira
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Ruike Raka
I miss having friends.
I don't miss curtneko.
You're pretty... *u*
who would miss someone who isn't gone? ru-weak logic
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This is starting to make me wonder if DMS will ever end up taking 15-20 minutes to go YM-BL
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I miss.....everything. Back in zOMG Elite, before we even formed our own clan. Discovering new strategies and glitches, and the hard part of discovering how to progress despite the glitches. Theorizing about the plot that would soon be released in the expansions, making new friends every run, getting new abilities you had never seen before....

zOMG had the potential to be amazing, despite its graphics and tech constraints. I miss more than anything gaia's desire to see it succeed.
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zETA tester, closed beta tester too :3
Man, I miss all the old good things about zOMG. Specially in zETA when we were all asked to crash the servers on purpose to test the server load and capacities. Ahh, good times.

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