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Omnipresent Glitch

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I miss being stuck in waterworks emotion_zombie
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Eloquent Lunatic

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I started one the first day it was open to the public.
Does that count?
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Mega Nerd

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zeta right here, i miss the old doll that took a map full to kill her.
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Fluffy Bunny

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Another zeta here. Recently came back after an absence of a year or so.

I miss the people. There were always people wandering around. Nowadays, I barely even get asked to crew--granted I'll turn them down since I've always soloed, but still. And like others, I do miss the train tutorial, even through I had to go through it three times before I could complete it without server disconnects.

And on that note, there are some things I don't miss. I like how in the couple of weeks that I've been back I've only lost server connection twice (second time today).

The alchemy feature is interesting, I can get off my butt and make recipes to make other stuff.
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Savage Lover

I miss when a whole crew of 6 had defib and the leader would tell everyone to keep defib in the first slot.
And then there'll be the SS/EB crews that will take hours to finish one run.
When people would die and null in SS/EB to recruit more people whereas most people in smeb would just give up and screw it and lose spirit.
Mostly, I miss how lively it was.
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Shirtless Cutie-Pie

/flips zomg headstart ticket. I wish the ticket was salvagable. Makes my tektek worth calculator even more inaccurate. ; 3 ;
I miss ps hard, and the train bit in the beginning, and the 10 hr eb/ss runs, and when 10k tc and 1k orbs were a big thing, ; 3 ;
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Tipsy Tipper

The train tutorial. Without it, every beginner would be clueless about the game...

Tipsy Businessman

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I miss there being changes and all the bullshit uproar over them
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Tiny Kitten

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I miss shewolf chasing me to the null and still dazing my a**
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Gracious Seeker

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another one here!
to be truth,i almost missed all of the zomg system,including exchanging rings using null fragements...to doing all sorts of old quests...
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Invisible Friend

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Miyaka Hana
I miss the train tutorial. sad

Me too D:
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Questionable Genius

*raises hand*.

I miss the train intro. I had to do it like five times because I kept getting stuck.
i miss the old rings and their ring sets i don't know why they changed them up for they were perfect how they were
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Vicious Ladykiller

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Right here!
When Solar was your starting ring.
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Hilarious Fatcat

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I am here.
It was pretty awesome back then

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