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Macroscopic Quasar
Morgan Ville Isnt A Town
And the glitches.
they're still here

and curt is still here too
for now

if you leave ill be sad =O
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Miyaka Hana
I miss the train tutorial. sad
This. Id miss too the train tutorial altough it was bit laggy too back then...

I wonder if anyone still remember the GS1 and 104 errors back then lol.

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Macroscopic Quasar
Macroscopic Quasar
Morgan Ville Isnt A Town
And the glitches.
they're still here

and curt is still here too
for now

if you leave ill be sad =O
it won't be my choice if i leave
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The train station crying
Remember taking She-wolf around Bass'ken for a walk? I adored doing that..
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I was one of those zETA testers a long time ago.
I actually miss how the bosses weren't in their own instance xd The Kokeshi Doll boss wandering out away from it's little corner was always LOL
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I played the open beta for a while when it first came out, does that count?

I miss the train tutorial.
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Miyaka Hana
I miss the train tutorial. sad
LOL I miss that too xD
Release date tester here from 2008. The only thing I miss was the little feature that lets you sign out instantly from the server. Located in the Menu.
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I miss the train tutorial!!

I've gotten a friend started on zOMG and I pretty much had to hold his hand the first time he went on the server. He's good to go now and well on his way to passing my CL.
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maybe i'm a genius (probably), but i didn't get the train tutorial and found zomg to be extremely easy right off the bat
Morgan Ville Isnt A Town
I miss the 6 to 10 hours it took to do End boss runs. With a full party. All CL 10. And you still all died and one person sat behind when everyone else respawned and ran all the way back through the entire map.

And the glitches.

It's been quite a while since I've been on gaiaonline so I was just wondering if there were any other beta testers still lingering around.

What do you miss about ZOMG?

i miss the huge lag spikes at end boss where when you were half way through it you'd prolly die
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Miyaka Hana
I miss the train tutorial. sad
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A lot of testers are still around.
I agree with Miyaka, the Runaway train tutorial; and ability to choose your starter ring was nice. I liked the idea of newbies beginning in Barton sewer, now the location just 'exists' without much of a purpose apart from the 25 kill badge for gramsters and plungers.

As for the bosses; I like them better as they are now, I remember in the beginning the she-wolf would gang-rape newbies to Bassken lake; and the kokeshi doll quest was almost impossible to complete. Mostly because only the final hit counted towards the quest, and 20 people would be attacking the target at any given time.
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I miss being 43v3r stuck in the train tutorial.
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o uo

I'm not the only oneeee..

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