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Invisible Friend

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  • Alchemy Level 10 100
Mage Ragepunk
"Instance X spots"

"Crew me please?"

*Gets ignored while the person advertising the crew crews everyone else instead*

Yup happens to me alot and I'm the first one to say crew me please x.x
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Vicious Cutesmasher

      "Amp is a waste of gold."
      Doesn't like Amp'ing =/= Won't Amp
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    Perfect Saint

    I only ever bring passives.
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    Vicious Prophet

    "I don't waste revives in YM. *nulls in speed*"
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    Tipsy Sex Symbol

    14,650 Points
    • Supreme Supporter 500
    • Perfect Attendance 400
    • Hellraiser 500
    "I'm only taking these rings because they make my level higher."
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    morgieneko's Wife

    IRL Cat

    Pan Twardowski
    "I don't waste revives in YM. *nulls in speed*"
    something's wrong with the crew if anyone needs to revive in ym
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    Divine Abomination

      "can i take 3 passives"

      (I only find this acceptable in DMS for DPSers)
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    ive seen that said but i do understand where they are coming from. because when health is dropping on one person you know damn well they are doing the most healing and everyone in the crew isnt supporting. if everyone in the crew was doing their fair share, then that health should IMMEDIATELY jump back up. that is when you know it is a wonderful crew you can trust with your life. i dont get all dramatic when im in a crew because i am just waiting for the moment im not in the crew so they cant say i b***h. people always think just because of how they see me here is what im always like in zomg crews. no hunny, im the complete opposite. i respect the crew and will go however far they go and bite my tongue at that moment, but after hell will break loose somewhere else. idk why you gotta kick the person asking that because it is important since you know some people dont heal and just sit there attacking. if it gets persistent then that is different. i dont like crew leaders that cuss everyone out. at least treat them nice for the time being as a crew.
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    Hoarding Shapeshifter

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    • Spirit Hoarder 500
    • Fluff Reclamation 250
    "1 spot reg, need aggro"

    me: "I'll tank reg"

    repeats: "1 spot reg, need aggro"

    emotion_facepalm ((oh forget it...it's a lost cause))
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    18,850 Points
    • Hotblooded Hero 50
    • Battle: Mage 100
    • Hero 100
    Mage Ragepunk
    "Instance X spots"

    "Crew me please?"

    *Gets ignored while the person advertising the crew crews everyone else instead*
      I'm guilty of this, but in my defense, when someone has bow, dervish, defib, and shuriken all in one ringset, I'm gonna assume things.

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