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Entry #31

So that's where I left off years ago.
After I picked where I wanted to go Kate come and hosted a party. I don't really have friends so big thanks to Kate.
Actually, that's not right.
Looking back, most of the details of what I wrote isn't what I remembered. Some of them are not accurate. Kate doesn't really exist. She represented the zOMG community, who helped me recover during my traumatic times. They won't understand why I am so grateful, but still I should told them "thank you".
My life did change. I couldn't zOMG as much as I wanted. The best I can do is going to meats and post in forums. There ain't time for DMS or smeb. Beside, with how inflated the marketplace is I can't buy powerups at a reasonable price. As much as I want to support the game it isn't happening. Also the money doesn't really go toward the game anyways.
I couldn't really understand how Lux and other people in his crew balance school and intense zOMG. Perhaps I am just a bad time manager, like my mom have said.
Speaking of which, my mom now have a restraining order against her, placed by my dad. The divorce came shortly after I left. But it isn't really important to me.
I haven't seen much of dad.
Gaia is hosting a panel at Fanime. This should be fun.
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Entry #32

Whoops, almost got kicked out of Fanime! I forgot their "no government logo" policy. So I didn't cosplay.
This isn't my first time at Fanime, frankly. Honestly I am quite bored.
But the Gaia panel is hilarious, to downright terrible.
So how does it feel to have enough virtual money to rival NASA's budget? Is the economic really fine?
No word regarding zOMG as usual. Sigh.
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Entry #33

HAHAHAHAH this is way to interesting to write about. I am sure you have all heard it from the news but here is my account. They were worried that I have PTSD's or some s**t but don't worry, I can get over that s**t pretty easily.
Oh, I forgot. There was a truce to not tell the public what game was her emulating. I can't tell either. All court proceedings are kept secret. Maybe in a few years it will all come to light but for now it is top secret.
This is all in a diary so it is okay. Shame. I want to tell the zOMG community so bad. Maybe it will rekindle Gaia's interest in zOMG! Or they will pull the plug finally, connecting it with all the "bad" thing that happened to me.
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Entry #34
I woke up in a damp place. I don't remember how I got there. Last time I remember I crashed after working on an intense project that's due tomorrow, aka today. Maybe this is a dream, because I don't want my GPA to suffer because I didn't turn in that s**t.
Whoop, this is NOT A DREAM. I have being abducted. I am sure, because I am writing it as NOT A DREAM two days after it happened. Which would means SPOILERS, but it made the news already so why bother.
Anyways, I tried walking around. The ground is soft but cold, which contributed to my skin being full of goosebumps but no backaches. I don't know where I am now. If I don't find my way out, then I could die and my GPA would suffer.
It isn't dark inside. There was a source of light near the end. I ran toward it. What if there is a killer there that is waiting for me? I don't care. I am trained in martial arts. Why do they want me, anyways? How did my defense mechanism not activating and chop the abductor to pieces already? But it is useless. I need to find my way out ASAP. Or my grade suffers.
The light is luckily, or unluckily depend on how you look at it, a windowed door toward an abandon subway station. I reluctantly pry it open. Oh god.
"Hey, you!"
I was startled. There was a gray old guy smoking something that greeted me. That reassured me. I am not in some random places after all!
"Know where we are?"
Oh, nevermind.
"I don't, sorry," I replied back, but that doesn't really help.
"Do you know about this, then?" the gray old guy passed me a paper.
"THIS IS FRANK, THE CREATOR OF ANIMATES," I read to the old guy.
"I took a train then I fell asleep after I got off. I think I landed on the wrong spot but there ain't no trains over here. Not even a sign," he said.
"Did you know how I got here, then?"
"LOOOOL, no, I don't even know you are here until a few seconds ago."
Okay, then.
I look around. The only Frank I know come from the zOMG wiki, about the abandoned tutorial.
Suddenly, a train whistle.
"Looks like we got something. It is the ticket to home!" the old guy said.
Yes, maybe.
The train look like a stripped down version of the BART trains. I haven't take them in a while so my recalling may be off.
"Come with me on this because I don't know s**t," I told the old guy. Not verbatim. Can't remember.
The train opened the door to us. We got on. As soon as we sat down the door closed down and the train get rolling. Stuff begin to fall into a blur.
"Soooo, where does this train stops?"
"I don't know, you are the expert on trains, not me," I ran to the train head. I don't want to sit around and do nothing and wait for my death. And my grade fall.
The old guy followed me.
The head took a bit of jogging to get to. It is just a set of levers and buttons and..what's this?
Meh. I should just pull this lever. May as well as die with curiosity solved.
Seconds passed. I decided to push some buttons and pull some more levers.
The train stopped at another station, different from the one we were on.
More what.
We got off. The head doesn't have doors, as you may have known. There is some white light form the ceiling that light up a hollow stairway. May as well...
The stairway led to a sewer.

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