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Mental note : I left off on entry #8....
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Entry #14

On Friday, I met with Bacon and Mav again. I log in into the game 30 minutes before 5PM, the time of the meat. But then 20 minutes before 5PM the login page malfunction and that resulted in some people can't log in and cannot collect loots.When the site got back for a moment at 4:45 someone suggested to change their avatar for the theme while the site is still up but were discouraged.
I was afraid that the Internet stopped working (very often at my house) and I get DC'ed from the game and never be able to log on again.
At 5:10 Mav didn't show up and there was only 11 of player left and we screamed "we survived the main site crash!" until the log in page get back at 6PM. Then we found out that our rings didn't show up and we were reduced to CL1.0. Since the location of the meat was in Deadman's Pass's gate, let's say a lot of casualties occurred. The lucky ones were already in the Gate before the Purple site crash.
At 6 I went and ate dinner.
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Entry #15

On Friday, as usual, met with Mavdoc and Bacon on zOMG!
But on Saturday, something bad happened. Really bad.
I was dragged to my great-grandma's sister's 71st birthday. Don't ask me to do count how many "relatives" I have. I am not blood related to her probably and everyone at the party viewed me as an outsider.
It is amusing that the family is multiracial despite the exclusion I received.
Anyways, I sat and watch the clock until it is midnight. I desperately wanted to play zOMG. So we went home.
Or we were going to.
Pass the Crystal factory farm the car suddenly turn and went for San Jose airport for no reason. When we reached the highway where you can glance over all the aircraft, I was kicked out of the car.
"What the hell?" I remember I said. Then my face hit the pavement.
I got up and walk a little, still recovery from the shock. So they just decided to abandon me for no reason. Fine. I will live.
Somehow, I was able to make it to the airport. Then I remember that Gaia HQ is nearby. Maybe I could visit there?
No, it is late in the night. The airport is still open because of International flights. I visit one of the duty free stores and check out the coats, even though I really dislike fashion clothing...
A shout startled me, not because the shout was loud but because I recognized the voice. "Reeta?" I said, my voice trembling. "What are you doing in San Jose?"
Reeta was one of the Muslim girls I knew in elementary school.
"The whole class is waiting for you, idiot!" she said while pushing me out of the airport to a small car. I was stuffed into the back seats while Reeta took the backup driver seat.
"Okay," I said, confused. "So where are we going?" I asked the small faceless driver at the front.
"To the HQ," the driver answered.
"Facebook HQ?" I said jokingly.
"Close. You will see," Reeta said.
We arrived at an underground parking lot. We went into an elevator which an operator pushed the button to the 8th floor.
"Man, I wish I was playing zOMG right now, then I wouldn't be in this huge fiasco---" I whined.
"zOMG? I am surprised the game's still going!" Reeta's sudden high pitch startled me much more than the content this time. The operator laughed with her.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING? BASTARDS!" I screamed as a reply. But Reeta laughed even more.
"We are here. Come with me," Reeta leaved the elevator. I didn't.
This isn't the first time someone I knew said something I really disapprove of. There was a guy who said NASA should be abolished so companies like SpaceX can have more room. I punched him square in the face.
The elevator closed with a bang. It is by then I noticed that the operator was gone. Oh well. I pushed the 3rd button because why the hell not.
When the elevator reached 3rd floor I ran. I ran passed a class of people watching an old Chinese movie. I ran passed a bunch of old Apple computers. Somehow, my mind tells me I must be at Gaia HQ and zOMG server room is not far ahead.
Somehow, I reached a barricade of people. People that I know but I don't remember the name for. "Where is zOMG server room?" I asked, for no reason. The crowd did not answer. "Where is John Kim? Ryan Cox?" I asked again.
"John and Ryan? You mean the developer for zOMG? They are dead," someone said calmly.
"WHAT. What happened?" I grabbed someone's shoulder and shake it. I realize my face was burning with rage.
And that is where I woke up.
I quickly went and check the z!F. [ JK ] is still alive and kicking, swarf is still coding for the game, and the game itself is still running.
This is one zOMG related dream I do not want to come true.
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...checking for installment 16....
On one wonderful evening I found an old notebook in my bookcase. I don't know how it got there. It has no name or any indication of the owner, except that it is written in bad penmanship with pencils. What is known from the entries is that the owner plays zOMG avidly and suffers extreme depression. It wouldn't be noteworthy to post it here, except that the last chapter was very, very strange. So I decided, why not? There is got to be a reason this notebook ended up on my bookcase...

I found a notebook on my bookcase while I was cleaning my room. It contains a story that I wrote years ago concerning zOMG. The narrator was apparently a psychic. So why not posted here? Transcribing the notebook will take some time...
All caught up reading the story. I'm curious where all this leads--the situations are really unique and hard to predict. Great job! biggrin

I'm honored to be a character inside it too! 3nodding
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Entry #16

I may have bring Heavy Water Balloon to reality.
See, earlier today, I was watering a small garden. My grandma was complaining about how insane housings are in San Francisco. We have a small little pot on the balcony. Well, sort of a balcony. It is just a small concrete that stuck out. I was ordered to water the plant. With no instructions on what tools to use.
I brought a hose.
It isn't before long that the tenant downstairs starts complaining. The guy claim that the loud noises of my hose is interrupting his "stuff".
So I turned off the hose and brought a huge pan. I ended up flooding the flower pot.
If only I have deuterium. Then it would've be HEAVY WATER HOSE!
After I figured out everything and drowned all the flowers, I went to the meat.
Mavdoc appeared at 4:57. Surprisingly, only 15 people are there. Bacon didn't showed up either.
"That's because Mavdoc does not have fangirls like [ JK ] and swarf does!" someone joked.
Of course, the real reason is that [ JK ] went AFK and didn't update the first post of zOMGaian thread.
We begin the meat. First we talked about Dragon's Nest, a game that Mavdoc and [ JK ] played. I have never touch it, except that there is a movie coming around, and the CEO of the game is a woman. Perhaps. Mavdoc made different account over different servers. One for Europe and one for North America.
Next we talked about how delicious some food is. That made me hungry.
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Entry #17

Have to pass out candy on All Saint's Day because grandma decided to have midnight tea -- don't ask why. It was cold outside. I didn't dressed up to scare off little kids. What a shame.
After all the candies are gone, I went outside for a short walk. Short walk, so that I don't get lost in the dark. Why did I went for a walk in the night? Don't ask me, ask my neurons. They knew what they were doing at that time. I don't.
But anyways, it was a mistake. It gave me a heart attack. Sorta. Otherwise I would've be dead...
This year, zOMG didn't have a formal Halloween event. [ JK ] summoned some unbeatable Jack and call it a day. Well, actually, not unbeatable. We were able to win against them and get loots in return.
Anyways. I saw a Jack in real life.
What? Is this one of your dreams again?
Okay listen.
The moment I saw the Jack, I ran toward it. Really fast. I mean, an animate in real life! When do you get to see that?
I forgot to mention that there is also mist around the area. San Francisco is no stranger to clouds on the ground. But today the mist is different. It had a sense of danger.
The Jack turn around and ran toward a narrow alley. I followed, almost out of breath. I don't care about "short walk" anymore. As long I remembered how to get home.
Oh, wait, I don't. I did manage to get home, but no spoilers just yet.
The narrow alley turned out to be a dead end. How did the Jack got out? Did he teleported or something? I ran to the dead end, pondering on what went wrong. Did Jack turned into mist?
"You brought a good sacrifice, Jack," a voice creeps behind me.
Sacrifice? What is happening? I picked up a stick, which is conveniently laying around near me. Not that it is going to offer much help, but it is better than nothing, er? I mean, in Hatchet the guy killed the bear with a tree branch. Probably also useful in fending off criminals.
Well, sorry to destroy your suspense, but things are not that dangerous, no matter how the mist tells you.
The voice was just an old recording playing in a small apartment. Someone was watching a video. Jack, my friend, was not Jack. Not an animate. Just a person with a punkin suit. He was tying his shoes when I came around, so I didn't see him. I wondered why couldn't he just tie his shoes out in the open, but no, he has to come to this little alley. I didn't ask him that.
The guy took me home.
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Entry #18

zOMG! You gotta be kidding me! over the nine days the only things I do is chat with people on the other side of Earth and play Deadman's Shadow. Yes it was released and HARD. My crew died very fast. But at least I was able to get some Shadow Orbs.
No turkey for this week.
When I am not on zOMG I was watching an anime called "Rainbow Sea: Star Travel" on a COMPLETELY LEGAL SOURCE and discuss the episodes with other people. It was fun for a while, but my sleeping schedules are all screwed up.
On day seven I was able to meet John Kim. Who is him? Well, he is the artist of zOMG, so he is kinda famous. I am jealous, and I am sure others are, of John's god power. They enables him to break the game! Funny, the admin panel has a button called "Spinach".
Well, for the next two days I was grinding, or farming, in Deadman's Shadow for Shadow Orbs. The level cap was raised to 12, hooray! At the end of day nine I was only able to reach to 10.6, while many zOMGaians were already at 12. I am so jealous of them!
P.S. Team Jacobs rules.
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emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
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Entry #19

Came down with a stomach ache, so didn't make it to Mr. Denslow's meat on time. What a shame! I told my granny that I have a stomach problem but she insisted to make me do more chores. After dinner and chores it is already five thirty. I log on just in time to see John Kim. He didn't talk about the game. It was pretty boring, until Kim summoned an EPIC LANDSHARK!!!!! The Landy was level 13! I am only level 10.8! Help!
On Saturday I decided not to farm for Shadow Orbs. The smoke detector goes off on a thirty minute interval because my grandpa tried cooking again. I chat with people on the other side of the world about the ending of Rainbow Sea and the people agree that the ending was too rushed. I thing what happened to Milo and Milo the Second was heartbreaking.
I start reading American Gods. I was on the page where a Muslim deity was making out with a fire god.
The smoke detector goes berserk on Sunday. I awoke early and decided to farm. But the crew leader was stupid and keep recrewting people without the Bloodstone.

Editor's Note: Sorry for the delays, was busy with in real life stuff. I am moving.
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Entry #20

Friday night, of course I went to Mr. Denslow's meat while also listening to the World Cyber Game streaming. Those Korean gamers are insane! You have to wonder if they robotized their hands so they could type faster.
"Is there any zOMG posters?" I asked Mr. Denslow.
"What poster?"
"The one [ JK ] has. In the Gaia video."
"Oh that one. Dave have one for the game he's working on after he left the team, so we asked JeeZee to make one for us. They are only dev only though."
"But we want one!" everyone shouted.
During the meat WCG had a Tekken event. The Japanese player Nobi surprisingly managed to beat the Korean player with a K.O. This is rather surprising because Koreans are insanely fast and Nobi only have a little life left.
Mr. Denslow had to eat dinner. So he log out.
Here is the WCG event everyone is waiting for. Warcraft III final between WE.GIGABYTE.SKY and Lyn. If SKY manage to defeat Lyn then he will be the first WCG contestant to win three finals.
I don't really know about Warcraft, nor I am interested in it, so I turn on Deadman's Shadow and farm while the game got carry out.
"Lyn defeated SKY!"
Everyone was mad because SKY was very close. Or because SKY was a Chinese player. Patriotism runs wild.
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This is amazing! Thank you for making this! Brings back so many memories! emotion_kirakira

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