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I dunno. I liked this thread better as a drinking game rather than a faq. blaugh
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"How do I get donator Status?"
"What is donator status?"
"How much can I make with donator status?"
marks ring
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"how do I turn off that annoying panting noise? gonk "

Added. I keep forgetting the egregious ones.

Proletariat Porno
"How do I get donator Status?"
"What is donator status?"
"How much can I make with donator status?"

Added that too just now. Thanks!

marks ring

Done. I forgot that's a common thread too.

Silk Kanishk
I dunno. I liked this thread better as a drinking game rather than a faq. blaugh

I don't want to be liable for any deaths due to alcohol poisoning.
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I'd have to encourage you to avoid unresolved discussion topics in an FAQ format - it's difficult to actually provide a meaningful 'answer' to those sorts of 'questions'. Either you avoid answering the subject entirely (like explaining that PvP would be difficult to achieve, whether or not it's a good idea) or present only one side of the discussion as objective fact. Of course it's perfectly fine to share your opinions on the matter, but general FAQs are not the format most conducive to doing so. sweatdrop
Pan Twardowski
12. I have this new ring idea. .
Does it have to do with stamina? If it has to do with stamina don't bother posting it. There have been plenty of threads on the subject already and it's been stated plenty of times why such a ring is a bad idea. Try reading this thread!

Even if I felt we needed an auto-turret for shooting down bad ring ideas - and I really don't think we do - I don't think that Stamina effects would top the list of designs to discourage. There are plenty of options for making worthwhile Stamina rings; they're just not the most straightforward designs which are the ones people gravitate toward. Just because we saw a handful of threads along the same lines all-at-once doesn't mean it's actually exceptionally common, and having been actively seeking out idea threads for nearly three years now, it's not a discussion I've actually had enough times to feel like it's making no real progress.
17. So this b***h leader told me I can't take Meat. .
DEAL WITH IT. Meat is not necessary for DPS in any section of the game least of all DMS. If you want to take Meat that badly then find a crew that will let you. Otherwise, learn to veggie, because Meat is a waste of a ringslot 99% of the time. If you don't trust your crew to heal you then why are you in a crew with people you don't think are good?

I won't comment on DMS tactics in general, but I'm willing to argue that the "least of all DMS" is out-of-place - Meat obviously isn't necessary anywhere, but I think it's much closer to it in DMS than it is anywhere else in the game. You say "least of all" as if Meat is somehow more useful in the Village Greens than it is in DMS; in actuality Meat is more necessary in DMS than it is anywhere else, it simply still isn't justified in that case. sEB might have made an argument for being more Meat-dependent, but that's been gone for a while now. sweatdrop
20. There should be PvP!
PvP, much like the term "fetch", is never going to be a thing. It would all boil down to Willpower and CL 12s with Integ, Fitness, Sugar Rush, and Iron Will would reign supreme.

This would be an example of 'unresolved discussions' that come across one-sided when presented in FAQ form. I'd argue that if you're devoting half of your ring slots to maximising Willpower, you're leaving your opponents 8 slots to counter your remaining 4 - it may be effective, but I hardly think it's unbeatable. At any rate, this topic is still 'open', and while it would certainly be very difficult to ever actually
implement PvP, stating that something which the devs have expressed an interest in will "never be a thing" seems contradictory. Whether it's a good idea or not, I think, is still plenty discussible...
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I am tipping you on your post kind Sir!

Red Kutai
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Let me add a few more: rofl
"How do I grandfathered a ring?"
You cannot. It is a pun. Stop asking.
"What is a Dev Meat?"
It is a gathering of zOMG! players with a developer of zOMG,usually Mavdoc who doesn't work on zOMG anymore,, on each Friday at five P.M. Sometime, one of the current devs, [JK] or swarf, will appear and spawn animates to slaughter us. However, there are Fridays the meat won't be able to be hosted. See "zOMGaian Unites!" Thread for detail and location.
"Why is zOMG! shelved?"
When zOMG was in development era, Gaia throw a bunch of gold bricks at it. However, Gaia did not advertise it enough, so not a lot of people joined. Further mismanagement result in lost of 99% of dev team, leaving behind two artists who cannot code and one debugger who's knowledge of old Java codes are limited. There is limited microtransition in zOMG, thus not a lot of money is made. Don't ask for a donate button. Don't ask for a way to donate to NASA.
"Then how did DMS got coded in 2011?"
All of the codes and animations are coded before the launch of zOMG. [JK] and swarf put it in, test it, and made some small twick to it.
"The music is sooooo good! Who composed it?"
Jeremy Soule. You can buy the album too.
"Where is the mythical z!F badge and why I can't get it?"
For some reasons, Gaia didn't release a bunch of items but leave the marketplace listing there.
"Where can I find the game's credit?"
Game help and Barton Bar.
"How do I rage?"
See the three faint red bar at the bottom right hand corner? Select a target, press the ring until the bar goes full red, and volá! Rave Rank 4 effect. Rage can only be used when the bar is faint red at lease to the first bar and not dark, otherwise the ring's effect will be Rage Rank 1.
"What does the small yellow lightning in a circle above an avatar means and why can't I have it?"
It means the person is disconnected from the game. Unless the game glitches, which it happens quite often, you won't see a light bolt over your head.
"The leader is a d**k! Let me post a thread!"
Don't name drop, because it can get you permanent banned. Now you are the d**k.
"Those mythical cl 18! How could I get one?"
Long long times ago some part of the game were glitched, causing the game to grant 18.7 cl rings. And then the banhammer took it away, or almost, since swarf go soft on those guilty souls. A lot of butts are hurt.
"Why is zOMG's UI like the old NASA.gov UI? It is soo terrible!"
Ask the devs. Only thing we know for sure is that a dev and many newbies after the train scene got deleted agreed both sucks. And nothing can be done right now. Go to the Barton Sewers if you need help on how to use the UI. It's marked on Barton Town area map with a gray dot.
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It's like another drinking game. lol

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