Dearest Gaians,

Of course you know the meaning of this posting. I am here to inform you of another update for zOMG! I trust you look as forward to the upcoming enhancements as I do.

Pleasantries aside, here is a list of changes you will see in the update:

Ring Changes:
Sweetheart Ring - In celebration of Valentine's Day, the Sweetheart ring has been made available in Back Alley Bargains and the Cash Shop. Sweetheart will increase the maximum health on yourself and allies and will play a special effect on your avatar for its duration - it also won't conflict with Meat, allowing your maximum health to go even higher! Additionally, the Sweetheart ring will never be soulbound and is only available for a limited time.

Buff Rings - Buff rings will only affect one Crew at a time. To buff your own Crew, target yourself or another member of your Crew. To buff another Crew, target a member of that Crew.

Healing Halo - The amount of Health regenerated by Healing Halo has been increased significantly.

Turtle - Turtle will now block 100% of incoming damage for a shorter duration of time. Higher rage ranks increase the duration of the effect. Turtle will not prevent you from taking damage if you are kneeling, though.

UI Changes:
Move to Target - When using a ring on an out-of-range target, you will now automatically move into range.

Ring Auto-Selection - An option has been added to allow players to choose whether or not to use this feature.

General Changes:
Knockback - We've reduced the number of monsters with knockback (especially those in mini-boss lairs) and lowered the knockback distance of the monsters that still have it.

Daily Chance - Nicu's Daily Chance in Barton Town has been replaced with a Daily Chance Wheel at the South Gate.

Gnome Courier - The Gnome Courier has been made easier to find, and the most likely location of finding him will now be marked on the map.

Gnome General - The Gnome General event has been reworked slightly so players participating will more consistently receive credit for their efforts.

Bug-A-Thon: Two weeks ago, Gaia staff participated in an internal bug-fixing event called bug-a-thon. As part of the event, the zOMG! team fixed over fifty bugs which are all included in this update.


9:30 AM
Update underway. Servers closed.

11:55 AM
Update completed, servers open. Have fun!

1:35 PM
A couple known issues:
1)Sometimes when trying to swap Sweetheart ring, the ring upgrade button will become stay grayed out. Refresh the game window to fix this.
2)The gold border for ring sets is not always displaying correctly. This is a visual bug only - you're still getting the ring set bonus. smile

5:35 PM
We're preparing a hotfix for the server crashes. ETA is roughly 1 hour. We'll be monitoring the servers in the meantime to make sure we don't drop back down to one server again.

8:00 PM
Fix completed.