1:43 PM
Hotfix completed. Servers open.

1:00 PM
zOMG! is experiencing technical difficulties and will be offline while we hotfix servers. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We've removed the *ahem* unintended feature of massive server failure that forced us to roll back the update intended for earlier this month. Tomorrow, we'll be updating with the *other* features from that update. As a reminder, here they are:

-Auto-suppress - Instanced areas with level-caps will now auto-suppress players instead of preventing them from entering. Areas:
-Gnome General
-Kat's Doll
-She Wolf
-Papa Saw
-Throne Room
-Shallow Seas
-Undersea Ledge
-Sea Lab

-Add-friend now works while in zOMG! This option can be found on the Target widget when targeting another player.

-Chat scrolling has been improved.

-Lag button - This has been added as an indicator of poor performance. It will appear after an extended period of poor performance. Clicking this button will give advice on improving performance.

-Ring salvage protection - To avoid players becoming stuck with no attack rings, the last attack ring in inventory cannot be salvaged.