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zOMG is awesome
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If only i could draw i would have tried to make an entry
not sure if it said but runner ups be included in the games as splash screens?
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wow! amazing!
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not sure if it said but runner ups be included in the games as splash screens?

All the runners ups and then some. surprised
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ma fave one is the one with landshark shooting up out of da sand. FREAKING AWESOME. second fav is SC one.
PS: the place where sum of the screens were put r screwed up and keep changing.
once the stone coatl background was in village greens and rin and lin were in bills ranch
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rofl gratz to the winners rofl xd xd ninja
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Zen garden ones look do cool : D
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Well done to the winners! Very awesome art. :]
-That garlic with the orbs is so cute! xD
      Personally I like the portrait of Rin and Lin the best.
i like the arts that are showned in zomg
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Hey, good job!=)
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Most of the winners are ones I never even saw, but then again, I stopped watching the submissions thread after a while. Still, I think the staff made some good choices, and the artists did a great job. Congratulations to everyone heart

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