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Sound positively amazing!!! Can't wait!
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I'll be there!
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This is gonna ROCK.
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when is this starting?
Can't wait for tomorrow. x3
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Easter runs until April 11th - two-weeks from this coming Sunday - so get in and check it out while you can. Have fun!

Two weeks from this Sunday is the 18th not the 11th (which is only one week after).

So which is it? Did you actually mean the 18th? Or the 11th? Thanks.

SO EXCITED... crying =D
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Everyone better have a crew. twisted
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This sounds awesome! The chicken to follow us around!
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D: Tomorrow is going to be soo fun.
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Yaaaayy!!! I'm so excited whee
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Ohh.. Items to get, and things to see... but assignments to do also D:

I know, the day for assignments and the night for zOMG! :3
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Ohh.. Items to get, and things to see... but assignments to do also D:

I know, the day for assignments and the night for zOMG! :3

I'll be doing the same. ;D
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gonk I won't be going to bed yet... want to preview before going to LOL

BTW the title of the announcement had said the aproximate time of the update loading ROTFL and I missed it said PM, not AM ROTFL

thanksfully I noticed early enoguh redface wink
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User ImageMornië utúlië...

      So, when does it start?
      Tomorrow? User Image

      ...Mornië alantië

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