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Greetings zOMG!,

Today, I have most excellent news. The Barton Regulars, buoyed by the apparent weakening of the Lawn Gnomes in Village Greens have decided to celebrate their favorite holiday, Easter, in resplendent fashion. They have taken it upon themselves to decorate the Village. I must say, I could not have done a more fabulous job myself; though I admit I do not enjoy the color pink as much as they seem to.

Indeed, the pastel glory of the Village Greens is so thorough that General Mayhem himself has retreated to the dank shelter of his mushroom hut, barricading himself within and refusing to come out. Anyone looking to off this big-baddie will have to go in after him.

'Tis a dark day for earth-tones.

Update Notes
-The Gnome General can now be found within his own demi-boss lair. Click the door to his mushroom hut to select your difficulty and enter.

-Easter 2009 egg-hunt returns. New for 2010:

-A rare Golden Egg. Find this egg and get your friends to help you crack it open and you will all receive a special egg that will hatch some time after the event ends.

-Some Easter Eggs will hatch chicks that you can capture and equip. In Village, they'll also follow you around until you leave the zone or log out.

-The new Strawberry Sundae Sweets item and two new badges to achieve.

-Village Greens is now fabulously pastel.

Easter runs until April 11th - one-week from this coming Sunday - so get in and check it out while you can. Have fun!

-Cresento and zOMG! Team

Update 12:00 PM
Update in progress, servers closed.

Update 3:00 PM
Update completed, servers open. Enjoy!
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can I post? if not I'll remove it
and I'm so glad this post didn't come out of the first, looks like it's going to be fun
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I'm so excited for the new boos area, pink all over the village will be pretty.
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So... has the event officially started yet...? o_____o Whoo ~ I'm so excited! ^ w ^

But I do hope this isn't just another nasty April Fools prank... -_____-# That would be SO mean. T_____T
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EASTER! I can't wait!
Easter runs until April 11th - two-weeks from this coming Sunday - so get in and check it out while you can. Have fun!

Two weeks from this Sunday is the 18th not the 11th (which is only one week after).

So which is it? Did you actually mean the 18th? Or the 11th? Thanks.
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Awesome! Now I can repeatedly kill the General for the lulz!
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And the zCB will have a present for all of you, as well. <3
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Looking forward to it. : D
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Oooh, they're finally instancing the General Gnome...
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I can't wait! I WANT THAT GOLDEN EGG D:<
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This looks like so much fun! I can hardly wait to start trying to hunt down those eggs.
Hmm... so that's gonna be 4 new badges for me to collect... or are the ones from last year no longer available? I'll have to take a break from kill badges for now then.
*Jumps around ready to get self into a sugar and peep induced frenzy*

EggsEggsEggsEggsEggsEggsEggsEggsEggs *Twitch* 0.e

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