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Cool cool

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Ok so how do i get there DX
awesome smile
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finally an update! keep going guys!
Honestly, I'm somewhat angered by this.... I've been watching lame advertisement videos forever to build up enough Gcash to buy a Boardwalk ticket, and I literally bought it two days ago. And now everyone gets in for free?

It really makes me not want to buy Gcash items on Gaia, especially if they're going to be rendered worthless 48 hours after I purchase them. Forget the Blood Amulet or whatever it is need to get to DMS, I'll just wait till they let me in for free. rolleyes
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A Random Act of Terror

what will become of our BBfull tickets? will they be just like the zETA tickets?User Image

these things costed us around 200k...for what?
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It is unfair to the person who use gaia cash and those to earn gold to buy the Buccaneer Boardwalk ticket to gain entry evil scream
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now the buccaneer boardwalk is now freely open to everyone.Now everyone can going.Then,how about for the people that already buy the buccaneer boardwalk ticket?!The ticket cost me 200k!!! That's not fair to the people who already buy the ticket!The ticket just become a plain paper or useless ticket?! scream
paid a lot for ticket now what will became of it....is there any value in it at all?

[NPC] Leon
some recreational activities will be added in the near future, so you can relax after a long day of enforcing the law
Sounds like good news for The Department of the Cops. stare

- Ziro out.
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paid a lot for ticket now what will became of it....is there any value in it at all?

I'd hang onto it - they'll probably put it in a recipe to give you some payback.
yea biggrin
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