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Greetings all,

The long wait for Barton Coliseum is at an end. It will be opening with this update. Here's what to expect:

-Three trial types: Protection, Survival, and Time.
-Five difficulties per trial type: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and Impossible.
-Twelve new badges to collect.

-Protection Trial: Prevent the flag from being destroyed to win.
-Survival Trial: Survive and defeat all the monsters to win.
-Time Trial: Prevent the timer from reaching zero to win.

We hope you have fun and enjoy the new area!

-zOMG! Team
We love you! *bows*
I'm so excited! I wonder what the remaining three badges are though... I think we've only seen nine of them so far.
Can't wait!
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Liberal Cat

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YAY!!!!! *jumping excitedly* can't wait!
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This is going to be fun biggrin
Thard_Verad's avatar

Dangerous Genius

Huzzah!~ ... except for the fact I'm working until the evening tomorrow....

Anyway it's good to see the game starting to lurch forward again.
*pants* Finally!
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I can't wait! 8D
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Woo! Bring on that lag! <.<
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*Tries impossible on the first attempt... ninja

Edit: Thanks for your hard work devs! I'm excited to see the final result tomorrow!
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*pants* Finally!

eek WHAT??? lol The current pants are yours, I know.. but why come here and *pants* and say "FINALLY!"?

DON'T TEASE US!!! sweatdrop am already trying to hold my drooling when read the announcement title, and now this... makes it unbearable!! gonk redface

rofl just joking xp but how great to hav ethe official announcemnet, that's what I had been expecting for the whole day, then Panagrammic's notice mentioend something... but oh here comes this one ^_^

You are amazing, Bronstahd. And more amazing to have you and [ JK ] and Mavdoc and Swarf... on the team. Even the ones who left had been as great too. 3nodding

No matter the news we receive, we have been proud of the game and its dev team. That I can say (about most of us here) for sure. cool
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Yay I'm going to play as soon as I get off work tomorrow, so going for impossible for the first try.

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