It is I, Leon. The zOMG! Dev Team has asked me to inform you that there will be an update to the game tomorrow. They expect that the servers will be brought up at approximately 12:00 PM PST. Here's a list of the changes that will be part of the update:

-The frequency and size of gold awards for killing monsters has been increased.
-The new user experience has been revised. It is now shorter and more active.
-Monster difficulty has been reduced to make the game more approachable to new players and solo players.
-Buff rings have had their duration increased and many have been changed to affect an area of players to make buffing crewmates less annoying.

In addition to these major changes, a lot of bugs have been fixed. Enjoy, and please plan accordingly!


edit: The Water Fountain and Goof Ball games have been disabled temporarily due to some pretty severe bugs that arose in them.

Update 9:35 AM PST
Servers closed, update underway.

Update 11:57 AM PST
Update completed, servers online. Enjoy!