There's a problem with the way the Sugar Rush ring is being granted. We are working on fixing it. The Cursed Pumpkin has been temporarily disabled until a fix can be made.

Update 2
The Sugar Rush ring grant bug should be fixed now. We've re-enabled the Cursed Pumpkin.
NOTE: Players who opened their Cursed Pumpkin prior to this fix will still have a bugged Sugar Rush ring. Unfortunately, the fix is not retroactive. We are preparing a solution for players who already opened their Cursed Pumpkin and will be fixing their Sugar Rush rings ASAP! We apologize for the inconvenience.


Terrible news! Monsters have invaded Buccaneer Boardwalk. This blissful seaside paradise has been turned on its head by the rampaging elder-siblings of Gold Beach. Quickly, get to the Boardwalk and beat these fiends down!

Oh dear, what could happen next?!

Also, the Cursed Pumpkin item can now be opened. There's one known issue: the icon for the ring it contains (Sugar Rush) is displaying improperly in zOMG! This will be resolved in a later update.