9:35 AM PST
Update underway. Servers closed - ETA 12:00 PM PST

12:30 PM PST
Update completed. Servers open!

Greetings and warmest regards, it is I, Cresento, ushering unto you an upcoming update for zOMG! Due to my charitable nature, I have prepared the following list of changes for your perusal:

-The Christmas event is at its end. We hope you had fun. (Surely you saw this coming)
-The amount of damage monsters do in higher-level areas has been increased to a more appropriate amount.
-Leon's quest line for new players has been adjusted to be more enjoyable and less confusing.
-Players will now regenerate Health while standing and not involved in combat.
-When targeting, a ring of an appropriate type will be automatically selected if the current ring cannot be used on the new target.
-When targeting with the mouse, players can hold the SHIFT key to use their ring immediately upon clicking their target.

In addition to these major changes, a number of minor bugs have been fixed.

Until tomorrow, Gaians,