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Were is he? I seem to not be able to find him were are his spawn points? When does he normally spawn?
The event's still a lot of fun and I really appreciate the work the team has done. I even saw you while fighting Jack in Otami, that's something not a lot of devs do often. I say you guys keep it up and I'll fight Jack when it's viable XDDD
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The event's still a lot of fun and I really appreciate the work the team has done. I even saw you while fighting Jack in Otami, that's something not a lot of devs do often. I say you guys keep it up and I'll fight Jack when it's viable XDDD

Derp I posted with my mule XDDDDD
I can't get on because so many people are ******** killing jack!
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we appreciate you, JK ! O: < 3
thank you to you and the rest of the devs who have been working really hard.
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im sorry JK im one of them people who server hops i wont do it anymore actually i stopped when i stopped getting rewards i haven't gotten a reward in the last 4 jacks i killed but i dont mind im just happy you guys care that much to help us by fixing the lag ^^
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I just beat Jack, got my badge and now I'm happy. Thank you. biggrin
Ah. Thanks for informing us, and I do appreciate all that you've done to put up this event and such.
I, personally, love playing ZOMG, and I really love that you haven't given up on it. Thanks!
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When do we get to open our Cursed Pumpkins?
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[ JK ]
Please refrain from fighting Otami Jack. The lags occurring during this event is mainly attributed to the influx of players jumping to servers where Jack spawns. The frequency of Jack spawn is same as every area, however since it takes so long to kill Otami Jack, it allows for higher percentage of players to reach that server. This sudden increase of server population is the main reason for the lag (there's more technical reason for this which i won't get into, but it's tied to the amount of players fighting Jack).

You'll notice that lags start to occur as soon as Jack has spawned and everyone is doing server hopping to that server. You'll also notice that once Jack is defeated, the lag subsides. This is due to all the server hoppers logging out of the server to fight next Jack. If players didn't jump servers, we wouldn't be having the problems that we're experiencing now.

The server lag is also causing glitches where players are not receiving rewards from Jack. At this time I would highly recommend that you don't engage in combat with Jack (esp. Otami Jack). Until we can update zOMG with another fix, you could be just wasting your time.

I would like to personally apologize to everyone who didn't receive rewards from Jack and is experiencing lags during this event. I know it's inexcusable, but these types of things can not be tested until it goes live to the site. We had couple dozen SCAS testers helping us debug the event for few days, however you can not account for thousands of players playing the game until it goes live. This was a learning experience for us and we'll do everything possible so this doesn't occur again. I hope you'll understand, thank you.

HERE HERE! Common Sense really... I take my hat off to you all for working your asses off to enrich our virtual lives smile
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Will the Hotfix also adjust the spawn rate of ghosts?

I can appreciate the need to adjust the amounts of gold killing Jack has been giving out, however, my problem has been difficulty in finding enough ghosts to get the loot to craft recipes. (As ghosts seem to be the only dropper of certain loot...)

Oddly enough, I've beaten Jack 4 times now and the most I got was 39k in Otami pre-nerf -- the last time I didn't get any reward -- so I've been amazed at the numbers people were reporting, and wondering how the drops could be so unbalanced.
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We get badges for being in on the kill for Jack and taking out the little money ghosts?
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I have the badge for defeating Jack in Otami, so staying away from him there will be no problem.
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as long as I can try again next year

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