Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)!
Otherwise known as "yakking to your Crewmates over a microphone!"

But it's very easy to use it. This is an "opt-in" feature, meaning that you do have to download a small app if you want to use it. When you get to the World List page (where you select a server at the start of the game), you'll see a large button talking about installing VOIP. Click that button and follow the on-screen instructions.

It's painless. Do it! smile

After that, there's nothing to activate at all. You just play the game, and anytime you join a Crew, you can talk to your Crewmates over your microphone. Everything else is handled auto-magically for you!

Some features:
- When anyone in your Crew speaks, their avatar portrait on the Crew List flashes. Also, their player dot on your PDA Map will flash. This helps you identify which voice belongs to which avatar.
- You have the option to mute/unmute any player. (It's a button on the Crew List.)
- If someone is really annoying, then you can also just kick them from your Crew (at which point they can't talk to you via VOIP any longer).
- If you're not the leader, then another option is that you can always quit an annoying Crew if their voice chat is bugging you.
- (And soon!) You'll have the option to ignore any player. Doing so will prevent you from ever hearing their voice again.

Please note: No customer service support is available for the VOIP feature. If someone bothers you while using VOIP, the mute, kick options (and later, ignore!) are more effective, and far timelier, than any customer service feature could be. Please use them instead. smile

Customer Service Knowledge Base VOIP Entry

Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 3.0
Firefox 3.0.17
Firefox 3.5
Firefox 3.5.7

Browsers, Not Supported
Internet Explorer 6
Firefox 2
Firefox 3.6

Using Push-to-Talk (reducing "noise" when Crewing)
VOIP defaults to "always on". That means that it's always picking up noise around you and broadcasting it to all your Crewmates.

You can make things a LOT quieter, if you move to "push-to-talk" instead.

Basically, that means that you have to push a button to turn on the microphone. Like a walkie-talkie sort of setup.

To use Push-to-Talk, follow these steps:

1) After you install VOIP, look in the lower, right of your screen. There should be a "Vivox Voice Manager".

2) Right-click that Manager. Choose "Configure Push-to-Talk".

3) Click on the box shown there. Press a key that you want to use. (For example, I use "T" usually.)

4) Then click the "Enabled" button and click "OK".

That's it! Now, when you want to talk, just hold down the button you selected until you're done, and then release that button to stop broadcasting.

Voice Fonts!
But wait, there's more!

Not everyone wants their normal voice to be heard by other players. So there is also a GCash feature available called "Voice Fonts".

Basically, these are filters that twist and distort your voice to sound like someone other than what you really are, including things like:
- Male to Female
- Female to Male
- Radio Announcer
- Military Helmet microphone
- Super Deep Voice
- and more.

See the "Shop" inside the game to check them out and hear what they sound like when you speak through them!