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Atleast you know that updates need to be made once in a while
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Yiipeee! *Gets hyped* 4laugh
Now gimme chur candies Jack!! 8DD
The event is upon us. I can't wait!
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mrgreen It's almost time for the Halloween event to start! 4laugh I'm so excited! Yesssssssss~ *omg flail* >_<
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Salty Player

...I'll follow you to the ends of Gaia and beyond, Mr. Jack, sir.

Are there any blood rites I need to perform...?
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looking forward to the halloween event
Getting goosebumps biggrin
Don't sing it...

Bring it!
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This should be good. mrgreen
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Moonlight Girl

I can't wait! Last year's event was really good fun. I bet this one will be as well.

By the way, nice to see you again, Jack.

I'm ready to smash some pumpkins!
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Perfect Target

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my hero! wish I could spar with you!
is this going to be for every body or do you have to be a certan level? cuz i jut started playing . does anyone know?

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