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I would think Jack should of had a special place to take him out... so just one crew could take him out...at a time...the lag is just too much...

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I totally robbed you Jack. >.>
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Ah, I'm kinda disappointed that I got nothing for beating Jack because of the lag. = [
It was fun fighting him, but it only became laggy when he had 11,000 health left (started 165,000)
If I may make some suggestions to those having problems with lag when fighting Jack:

- A great deal of the lag I experienced was due to the heavy amount of Ring animation occurring in the same screen all at once. You can choose to disable seeing all ring animations (other than ones produced by your own rings) or just the ring animations of your crew members.

- To change the animation display, go to the Menu button, which is located at the lower right-hand corner of the screen. From there, the steps are as follows: Menu > Options > Graphics Options (third tab in the row) > Ring Animation Display (last category in the list) > My Ring Animation Only, or, Crew Ring Animation Only.

- While you're there, you may want to consider lowering your Graphic Quality for the battle. The default Graphic Quality is High, which might increase lag when battling Jack. To lower the Graphic Quality, go through the same steps as before, except its the first category in the Graphics Options tab.

Lowering the Graphic Quality shouldn't force you to refresh the zOMG window. I never have had to, and I frequently jump back and forth between graphic qualities in a single session if I feel there is too much lag.

I hope this will help the people who are having problems with Jack Lag (though I highly doubt anyone actually paid attention xD ), and good luck~!
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i have a question. Y CANT ZOMG MAKE THE LVL BAR EASIER 4 US? I HATE GOING BACK TO THE NULL ALL THE TIME JUST TO CHANGE MY LVL BACK! cant they just let us do watevr lvl we want, instead of making it hard on us?
i hope i can become strong enough to defeat you jack! even if it takes a whole day of training! scream
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fix the lag also if i may jack shouldnt spawn on just one layer he should be on all layers so people dont refresh to FIX LAG ( catch my drift here) and not have him there
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LooK CooL cool ThaT JacK.
zomge has a holloween

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