**This is a clarification post so people can understand the history of soulbinding.**

- When you receive a ring in the game, it will be bound to you. It's yours alone and no one else can ever use it.

- This rule didn't used to be in effect. It's been many months now, but you'll probably see un-soulbound rings for sale on the Marketplace. Those are rings gained by players way back before the change occurred. Those will eventually all sell out and then rings will be unavailable on the Marketplace.

- There is no way for you to get rings in the game now and sell them on the Marketplace.

- NOTE: You can purchase a ring on the Marketplace, and as long as you do NOT equip it, it will stay "un-soulbound". That means you can turn it around and sell it again if you want to do so. But the moment you put it on your avatar's finger, it's yours forever.

I hope this helps!

-- Q.