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Good news is good indeed. Thank you, devs. heart Very considerate of you to recharge our remaining used charges for the update too.
btw, I can see where in our item describtion it says we got more charges, but the numbers are the same and no refills yet. but your proably working on it.
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That's really awesome news, thank you!!! blaugh
Slayerblade...the update won't be done until sometime after 6am tomorrow. You might not see a change for a while.
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CooL...Guess it could be more CooLeR if it sold on gaia gold...LoL 3nodding
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I have to say, this makes me tempted to spend the remaining 103 I have right now.

But, I'm sure its been asked many time before, will these items be purchasable again in the marketplace at any point? I mean, if you see some form of reason that most of us aren't, thats no issue. But wouldn't it make sense to allow them to be sold so people who would purchase and sell could do that?

Just curious.
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Qixter, I know this is a bit off-topic, but when Power-Ups were changed a bit ago many people, including myself, did not have theirs multiplied like they should have.
You had said in one bug report thread that you'd look into it, but it's been a few months and nothing...
This is a bit of a discouragement to continue buying new Power-Ups.

I am the embodiment of fear and evil

Yeah, mine were never multiplied, but I honestly can't remember if they were bought within the time period Qix mentioned, so mine may not have been eligible to be multiplied. xD

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Nice news still i cannot buy it cuz here dont have gaia cash crying crying
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I'm definitely happier about all the prices. . . . except one.

I'd prefer to see the revives a little more expensive. We don't want people abusing it as a means of getting through the game, do we?

I really don't want to see people throwing revives left and right in SS on easy. D:
Cleo, people can use them however they want to, but personally, I like the extra charges because I *love* the ability to unlock my rings faster after I awaken. smile
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WOOT WOOT THank you Qixter and the gang!!! 4laugh
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Cleo, people can use them however they want to, but personally, I like the extra charges because I *love* the ability to unlock my rings faster after I awaken. smile

Perhaps you need to stop dying so much, Qixter. ;o

I'm just concerned that there might be an influx of people who are too weak (experience/skill wise) as the areas get harder. D:

But of course, better to test it out and see first~
Agreed. We'll be watching.
Agreed. We'll be watching.

By the way...Isn't it kinda late for a dev to be working past 11am over there? xd
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Very interesting, Is there any expectation people this won't affect?

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