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Aha Yayy biggrin
Nope. The Ghi Boosts were discontinued a long time ago now. They received no update.

And when did you change the name from ring polishers and buffers to ghi amps? I thought I kept up on this stuff!!
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Wow, I might actually buy some now. Revives and double orbs seem very affordable now. biggrin
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This is wonderful news..but I feel kind of like I've been cheated on the ones I had already purchased.... crying

Screwed really bad on the revive... (refund please) scream
Guess no one was buying them at the other price hmmm? Now that they are more reasonable maybe people will. But first you need to make it possible to actually play. If it's not 104's it's a stream of quest glitches. I don't know about other but I'm not spending money on a game that I can't play. Fix it and we'll see.
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I'm starting to wonder more and more on wether gaia cash isn't that bad of an idea.

I only ever goten a single MC.
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This is excellent! Now that I feel like I'm getting more for my money, I'll be buying & using the powerups more liberally. Not that they are a *needed* thing to play the game, but they do make battles go by faster & are handy if you find yourself in a crew that lacks teamwork. Or if you end up going solo & want a little extra edge. Thanks for this update!
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This is just awesome.
I will totally be buying some power ups. Sup'a awesome! xd
All right! lol lol

I mean, now its even cheaper and easier for people willing to spend real money to get ahead in the game! biggrin Never mind that people who only have gold to play with simply can't, because the items soulbind when bought and can't be traded. Doesn't create a divide at all!

Why did you bother to soulbind rings and orbs themselves in the interest of making the game fairer if you're just gonna do this?

Seriously. Can you not either unsoulbind these powerups so everyone can have an equal chance, OR AT LEAST make a warning in the item description that they soulbind? I never visit this forum, I never play zOMG, but recently made the stupid mistake of buying 3 deluxe orb doublers for 897c in the hopes of selling them on (Tektek said they sold for 120k).

Now I'm saddled with 3 powerups I have no intention of using, which I cannot sell to someone who actually wants them, AND the price has dropped overnight so that my 897c would have now been 297c.

Stop punishing people who can't afford this s**t, and stop punishing people (aka idiots like me) who buy these powerups as an investment only to get told "Oh, you should have dug around in the zOMG forum before you did that, they're not gonna tell you they soulbind in the description."

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