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Hey there, zOMGaians,

Some new good news for you tonight!

PowerUps are going *way down* in price!
PowerUps are getting *many more* charges per purchase!


We've been spending more time in-game, getting a feel for things after the recent balance changes. And frankly, we think the PowerUps are more expensive than they should be. They'd be a lot more fun if you could use a bunch of 'em and not feel like your wallet is leaking. wink

Without further ado, here are the new prices and charge amounts!

Supercharger (regular ) : 49 GC for 40 charges (Used to be 25 for 10.)
Supercharger (deluxe) : 99 GC for 100 charges (Used to be 99 for 50.)
Ghi Amp (regular ) : 49 GC for 10 charges (Used to be 99 for 5.)
Ghi Amp (deluxe ) : 99 GC for 25 charges (Used to be 199 for 20.)
Double Orb (regular ) : 49 GC for 10 charges (Used to be 124 for 5.)
Double Orb (deluxe) : 99 GC for 25 charges (Used to be 299 for 20.)
Revive (regular) : 49 GC for 25 charges (Used to be 249 for 10.)

You may have noticed a pattern. Yup...49 GC for a regular and 99 GC for a Deluxe. Pretty easy to remember. smile

These prices are now available in the Back Alley Bargains store.

Overnight, we're running an update on the database, adjusting everyone's PowerUp inventories. Wherever we find PowerUps, we'll bump the max number of charges in that PowerUp to the new maximums. We're even recharging all the charges! (So if you had three charges left in your Ghi Amp Deluxe, you'll log in tomorrow to find it's at 25 of 25 charges!)

(The update won't be 100% completed until at least 6am Saturday morning, so don't be surprised if you see no updates before you log out tonight.)

If it's been a while since you considered PowerUps, take a look again. They're a lot more worthwhile now.


(NOTE: The game servers will stay up while this update occurs since it only affects the database. The game server performance is not impacted.)
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Awesome news! ninja
Wow, I think I might actually buy some now! Thanks Qix and co!
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yay :'D
heart User Image

User Image
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Wow I was JUST talking about power-up prices and the like earlier today. Go figure. Good news is good 8D
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Whoa, this is pretty cool! =]
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Now if only mine were revived.
Qixter, I know this is a bit off-topic, but when Power-Ups were changed a bit ago many people, including myself, did not have theirs multiplied like they should have.
You had said in one bug report thread that you'd look into it, but it's been a few months and nothing...
This is a bit of a discouragement to continue buying new Power-Ups.
This is awesome.
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Good to hear, maybe now I might actually be able to get some!! sweatdrop
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4laugh ooh yay. maybe now i won't be such a scrooge with them >u>
Now this i like very well. these are the kind of prices that tempt people to buying as you get a lot of charges. even my self feel tempted to buying some. keep up good updates like this and you can start winning your fans back. and might even make a few new ones too.
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Distinct Warlord

That's....GREAT news. I would so buy if I access cash xd

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