Many of you are noticing that "Loading Monsters" takes longer than it used to do.

This is a symptom of us moving things around behind the scenes, working to make your gameplay faster.

Essentially, what we're doing is changing the way we're drawing the monsters to your screen The result of these changes are that loading into an area takes longer...but performance while you're in the area is smoother and faster.

That changeover process is still in-progress. In fact, it will continue to change periodically over the next several builds. (The engineer responsible for it made significant progress even today that you won't see until the build *after* the Halloween update.)

But changes are coming and it will all even out once we get more optimizations, graphic options, and the like ready for you and released in future updates.

In the meantime, it's absolutely true that your loading times have been increased.

Pardon our dust! Devs at work! smile