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I've viewed several and it's still only saying I haven't watched any.

And I'm not even Canadian gonk
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The ads are unavailable to me too
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and i'm not a canadian
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Thanks for implementing this. I already re-enabled ads and watched all 5 videos for today User Image
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I would love to support zOMG by watching the videos, but they're not available for me too. I live in Europe. sad
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i want to watch i too but it says: Sorry, but this offer is currently unavailable. gonk
could it be cuz im not from the US?

yes, apparently the ads are only for US players... rolleyes

so unfair crying
i want to help too
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erm..... the video is unavailable for me......... crying
I live in Asia...
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i would so help but i forgot the pw to my zomg account <8( i fails

Please tell me you're not serious... /off topic

I find it easier to just allow Gaia through Adblock, even though it's set to block everything on other sites.
And don't forget that you can set it to allow ads here on site even after buying stuff.

Thanks for the heads up about the number of times you can watch the video.
I would watch them as well, but, as others have said, it always says that the "video is unavailable", probably because I don't live in the US. ^_^;;
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I think it's broken sweatdrop I can't see the ads anyway (most likely 'coz I live in the UK), but I seem to have a semi-permanent scroll bar that lets me see the ad screen when I scroll down? o3o;

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I would love to watch them and help but, like so many it's unavailable. You need something for out of country folks like me.
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OK i will...but I have not seen any yet.
I do see the spot for it though.

did you click it to start an ad?

"Sorry this offer is currently unavailable"
Not in the US so i guess that's the trick... redface
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I have respectfully disabled noscript and adblock for this effort. :3
Which is saying a lot, because I need those to let zOMG! load faster on a dial-up connection. sweatdrop
??? Ring zOMG! Head Start Ticket
I watched 5 videos so far, and only 3 of them say i successfully watched them, yet 0 are counted. it keeps saying i must watch at least 1 video to complete. i dont know if there is an issue with the counter system or what, but i will keep watching just because i support zOMG and would do anything to help save it! Cant wait for the pets or head-start tickets so i can put my own funds directly into zOMG/gaia. Just for the record, I will buy every head start ticket that is released, just so i can have the full collection mrgreen
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They, like most other video ads, are not available in my region... It's not that us asian folks don't want to help out a game we love, but...

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