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That's kinda odd- yesterday (1-11-11) I watched a vid and got 6 GC...today 1-12-11 it's NOT here? What's up with that?

EDIT: I'm talking about the 6GC that showed in my account yesterday- not the video that apparently is gone again today rolleyes
If it's to help support zOMG, I'll watch the videos. 3nodding
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I watched videos every time I went to zOMG and didn't mind at all. It's only 30 seconds to support zOMG. Where have the videos disappeared to?

Edit: I bought Gaia cash recently and apparently that disabled the ads. But I really don't mind watching the ads and bringing the site more revenue. Any way I can re-anable them?
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I would love to watch them...
Only I can't due to the fact I live in New Zealand, therefore none of the ads are available to me.
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The more I see of the world,

I live in Australia, and I got to see an ad today.
So happy to have helped zOMG! just that little bit.

the more am I dissatisfied with it.
i would love to help out xd
The videos dont show up here so i cant watch them =(
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I would also like to be able to re-enable the ads even though I used Gaia Cash.
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How come I keep on getting wilderness adds in the window where the video is supposed to be?
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For some reason, I'm getting the regular ads((There's actually an ad right now in my upper right hand corner about milk as I quick reply...)), yet I cannot see the zOMG one.
I have the monthly subscription for Gaia cash, but I find this rather annoying...
The ad I'd rather support, is not working. But the ones that I'm not supposed to be seeing, still are...~~;

It also says the ads are enabled right now, which I suppose would explain seeing the onsite ads... But why can't i view the zOMG one?
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zOMG now has video ads showing up when you launch the game. These will help to pay for future zOMG development if we can get enough income from them.

We need your help for this. If you want to support zOMG, please click play on the videos and wait until they complete. Most of the videos are on the "honor system". So you can skip them or click play to watch them. If you play the video ad and watch till the end, zOMG will get money to support new stuff for the game. You can do this up to five times a day.

The ads will not show up if:
-You've been shown the ad five times today
-You've bought any item worth 249 gc or more this month
-You've never played zOMG before

Remember to watch the videos all the way to the end if you want to help out zOMG.

EDIT: Don't worry about the "You have watched 0" message. That line is just added in by the advertisers and doesn't affect how many videos zOMG gets credit for. Just ignore the message.

swarf, can we have an opt-in available if we want to buy stuff and watch vids? I started a poll at:
I don't mind watching, but it doesn't seem to count them, says 0 every time I log in...

edit: also says 0 after the ad finishes... I just want to know its being counted smile
I watch the ad every day but it never gives me the gaia cash, so I wonder if its working right?
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I'm having some issues with the video window. I live in the US (EST) and the window loads and then vanishes. I'm not sure what's causing the issue and I haven't used GCash on this account in over a month D:
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You think that's bad? I only got to watch the ads once and I received my Gaia Cash. And then the next day, the ads just haven't appeared anymore whenever I activate zOMG! It's a darn shame. : P

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